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Cute Aprons for the Stylish Cook, Baker or Hostess

aprons for the hostess at anthropologie

aprons by ladelle
Mix, Cook and Serve apron | Bright Kitchen apron – both by Ladelle

I was overdue for an apron showcase. I usually opt for a modern design when I buy an apron that I will wear everyday. I own several since I like to vary my look. Maison Simons (in Montreal and Quebec City) carries some kitchen linens by the Australian brand Ladelle but I did not see these models. The Mix, Cook and Serve is my favorite due to the darker color and large pocket. Simons still sells the Geisha apron by Ladelle that I bought several months ago.

When I host a party, I want to look fabulous in the kitchen. I keep a selection of feminine, vintage style aprons for when I entertain. For those aprons, Anthropologie is my place to shop. Anthropologie always carries a vast selection of fabulous aprons. These three are on my short list to be added to my collection.

aprons for the hostess at anthropologie
Fiammetta Apron $32 | Cuisine Couture Apron $32 | Tea and Crumpets Apron $32 at Anthropologie

What is your favorite apron of the moment?


Thank You for Dinner Card

thanks for dinner card

If you like to send thank you card after attending a dinner party, look at this simple but adorable thank you card. For casual events with good friends, you could be less formal and attach your thank you card to your hostess gift. Or for a surprise, leave the card on their mailbox on your way home.

This thank you card was designed by Tori Higa for The inside can be custom printed with your own text and optional photos. You can order a single custom printed card or as many as you need.

+ Thank Hostess Mitts starts at $2.19 USD per card


Old-Fashioned Treats for the Holidays

roasting chestnut pan at cox and cox

Let’s face it, most holiday parties can be resumed in two actions: eating and talking. there old-fashioned treats provides the perfect setting to do both. They are like by adults and kids. I am talking about roasting chestnuts. Here are a few tools that you need if you plan to roast your chestnuts over an open flame.

paderno roasting chestnut pan at amazon

+ Chestnut Roasting Pan £15
+ Paderno Black Carbon Steel 11 Inch Chestnut Pan $19.99 USD
+ Paderno Chestnut Roasting Pan with extra long handle $24.95 USD
+ LamsonSharp Pro 32425 Chestnut Knife $11.99 USD

Another good treat are serving whole walnut or for the kids toasting crumpets, marshmallows or toast over an open fire. At that price, they make unique affordable hostess gifts.

old-fashioned food around the fireplace

+ Walnut Key £6
+ Extended Toasting Fork £6

GIFT IDEAS Gifts for the COOK

Four Gift Ideas for the Cook or the Hostess

bodum gift ideas for the cook, the coffee and tea lover and the hostess

Bodum products are typically built to last, perform well and look good. Three good reasons to like them and to not be afraid to add them on your holiday shopping list. If you are looking for gift ideas for cooks or the hostess, you may consider:

+ BODUM Round Automatic Gravity Operated Salt and Pepper Grinder $29.95 USD
+ The TWIN salt and pepper grinder with a ceramic grinder $29.95 USD
+ The NERO Coffee coat really works. I bought one last week. I wish that I got my thermal neoprene french press coffee coat sooner. 8-cup $14.95 USD 12-cup $19.95 USD
+ The double wall tea press COLUMBIA in shiny stainless steel $69.95


Three Cool Hostess or Housewarming Gift Ideas by Sagaform

cool hostess or housewarming gift ideas :: sagaform walnut serving fork and spoons :: bar tools :: serving salad set

Sagaform has a collection that they call Letter. The concept behind Letter is that you can send your housewarming gift using the small parcel postal service. I do not know if the box dimension fits the postal rules of USPS or Canada Post but still, it is a good idea.

Two products of the Letter collection that I would like to have are:

  • #1. The Walnut folk, spoon and serving spoon designed by Transformer. It is so cool that can hang on jars.
  • #3.  A great space saver in your kitchen drawer is the two-piece stainless steel salad server set that lies flat when not in use.

#2 is not from the Letter collection. What special about this Sagaform Club Cocktail is included the modern bar tools: a stainless steel measuring cup, a cherrywood muddler and a cherrywood citrus reamer. Add a shaker and you are all set for making the best cocktails in town.

+ Sagaform
+ Sagaform Letter Serving Set $12 CAD – ships in USA and Canada
+ Sagaform Club Cocktail 3 Piece Set $29.95 USD
Sagaform Cocktail Shaker $39.95 USD


Hand-Made Half- Aprons for the Hostess or Gardening | Etsy Finds

la marquise des anges gardening half-aprons :: hostess gifts :: mother\'s day gift ideas

These are stylish housewares essentials. They make a perfect gift for Mother’s Day or to bring to the hostess this summer. I particularly like the level of details on the green saperlipopette model.

A French woman created these half-aprons. She sells them on etsy. Her atelier celebrates on a modern way the charms of the French country style. Her design are cute and fun. She also make tea towels, notebooks with the same patterns.

You can read her blog (it’s written in English). Her blog is filled with beautiful pictures.

+ saperlipopette gardening half apron $32 USD
+ macaron half apron $32 USD


Housewarming and Hostess gift ideas: Tea towels on etsy

Linen tea towels by Yuko Uemua for PataPri

Beautiful tea towels are a little indulgence. If you let them hang around your kitchen, even your everyday dish cloths must look good.

Make sure to keep a few special ones in your entertaining supply kit. Typically, friends end up washing the dishes. The stylish hostess proudly reveals her exceptional tea towels when she has company over.

So why not get a set of tea towels as a housewarming or a hostess gift? To make it simple for you, I compiled by top 3 dish cloth sellers on etsy.

PataPri from Chicago: Designed and Hand printed by Yuko Uemua

Make your kitchen happy by adding colorful and pretty kitchen tea towels is the mantra of PataPri. I bought several tea toweIs from PataPri last June. I adore them. The color palettes, the hand printed patterns and the strong sewed hanging hook. Their tea towels are made of 100% white linen.

The look is modern, the color combination looks fresh and the pattern themes are diversified. This is my favorite kitchen teat towels seller. Every towel arrived nicely folded and tied with a string in a clear protective envelop.

This is one thing that is so amazing when you buy on etsy. The packaging is much an excitement to see than the products you buy. This fact simplifies your gift wrapping.

PataPri tea towels cost $14 each; money well spent if you ask me. There is a set of three for $40 USD.

cotton dish cloths for Skinny laMinx

Skinny laMinx from Cape Town

I really like the chic innocence vibe that you get from the Eep Tea towel available in olive, tomato and slate. It is called Eep because that’s the noise these kinds of birds make.

This cotton hopsack tea towel has been screen printed with her bird of a feather drawing.

These towels are the cheapest at $10 USD each. By looking at the pictures, they appear to be of similar quality than the PataPri. Except that PataPri kitchen towels are made of linen and they have a better made hanging hook.

Run by a talented woman that is an illustrator, writer and designer, Skinny laMinx has a broad production. Take a look at her cushions and her magnets for the fridge.

cotton kitchen towels by artgoodies

Tea towels for the cottage with Artgoodies

In summer time, we are often invited to the lake cabin of a friend. For nature lovers and summer houses with a rustic charm design, I found the perfect tea towels from artgoodies.

There is a lot of drawings to choose from. You can opt for a squirrel, an owl, a quail, a deer, a rooster, a bunny, birds, butterflies and even a sailboat.

What is great is that you can save by buying a six pack or a set of 2 themed towels. Take a look at the barnyard buddies towel set or the woodland friends towel set.

These 100% cotton kitchen towels have been hand printed with linocut block prints. Each towel measures 20×28 inches and comes wrapped in a green satin ribbon.

July 25th, 2007 update:
PataPri and SkinnylaMink have each their own blog. See below for the links.

Buy online: PataPri etsy seller
Learn more: Blog of PataPri
Buy online: SkinnylaMinx etsy seller
Learn more: Blog of Skinny laMinx
Buy online: Artgoodies etsy seller