Old-Fashioned Treats for the Holidays

roasting chestnut pan at cox and cox

Let’s face it, most holiday parties can be resumed in two actions: eating and talking. there old-fashioned treats provides the perfect setting to do both. They are like by adults and kids. I am talking about roasting chestnuts. Here are a few tools that you need if you plan to roast your chestnuts over an open flame.

paderno roasting chestnut pan at amazon

+ Chestnut Roasting Pan £15
+ Paderno Black Carbon Steel 11 Inch Chestnut Pan $19.99 USD
+ Paderno Chestnut Roasting Pan with extra long handle $24.95 USD
+ LamsonSharp Pro 32425 Chestnut Knife $11.99 USD

Another good treat are serving whole walnut or for the kids toasting crumpets, marshmallows or toast over an open fire. At that price, they make unique affordable hostess gifts.

old-fashioned food around the fireplace

+ Walnut Key £6
+ Extended Toasting Fork £6