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Tatau: A New Kitchen Knife Collection by Alessi

tatau knife set

tatau knife set

Anna and Gian Franco Gasparini designed for Alessi a 5-knife collection with a unique design feature. Grip styles and food icons that identify the knife usages are printed on the blade like tattoos. That explains the name tatau, that is tattoo in Polynesian.

tatau knife printed instructions on the blade

Each knife has a symbolic name: “Peel” (paring knife), “MPK” (small cook’s knife), “Thick” (the traditional chef’s knife). “Thin” (filleting knife), “Tusk” (for bread and crust desserts). You can buy each knife separately or as a set. The Tatau knife collection could make a nice graduation gift or for someone who is new to cooking.

+ Tatau Kitchen Knife from $42 to $69 USD at Alessi



A Collection A Day | Book Preview

lisa congdon collection a day book

lisa congdon collection a day book

One of my daily must-read blogs throughout 2010 was Lisa Congdon’s A Collection a Day. On January 1, 2010, the San Francisco-based designer/artist/illustrator kicked off a year-long project, posting a new photo, painting or illustration of her collections (both real and imagined) every day.

Now Lisa’s project has been, well, collected in a soon-to-be-released book published by UPPERCASE.

Colourful, curious and neatly organized, Lisa’s collections highlight the design similarities and differences of the objects in each grouping. Many are also available as prints – this series of red enamel kitchen utensils would be a striking piece of kitchen art.

lisa congdon red spatulas

This illustration of Jonathan Adler pottery is slightly more affordable than the real thing.

lisa congdon jonathan adler

Check out UPPERCASE to preview more of Lisa’s collection and pre-order your copy in a “collectible” tin.

+ Pre-order A Collection A Day by Lisa Congdon from Uppercase Gallery
+ Photos and illustrations from A Collection A Day


Wooden Memo Block and Happy Cards

cool stationery :: wooden memo block :: missing you card by madebygirl :: birdhouse moving cards by william arthur

Unique cards and memo blocks add style to our life. They are little pleasures that make us feel good. For that reason, I always try to find new sources that deliver something unique.

The first item is a block made of 1200 sticky notes that look like a slab of wood. I imagine this memo block not only at home but also to personalize your space at the office. The challenge at work would be to convince your boss to authorize this extra expense. One thing for sure, it would be a great gift idea for a man in your life. From the photo, the wooden block looks realistic. Have you seen it? If so, is it fabulous?

MadeByGirl is a great place to find unique cards. Most of her cards are printed on 100% recycled, acid-free paper and come with an Earth friendly white envelope.

Next the cute birdhouse drawing makes me wish I was moving to a new house. These moving cards are a luxury but when you consider how much you already spent on your move, it would not be a noticeable part of your total expenses. Reserve those for when you will be moving to the house of your dream.

+ Wooden Memo Block $35 USD at Charles & Marie
+ Sitting next to you Card $2.95 USD at MadeByGirl
+ Brown Birdhouse personalized moving cards $294 USD for 100 thermography cards at William Arthur


Cute and Fun Packaging for Food and Drinks

back to basic food packaging :: via roma :: green eggs

For the cream de la cream in packaging, I often refer to Lovely Package. This is the blog to discover cool packaging from around the World. Tonight, I concentrate in food and drinks.

These people with their facial expressions talk to me. The packaging conveys a message of happiness that is contagious. I want to try Via Roma. I hope they taste as good as they look.

Cool Charity

lemonaid packaging

Most of the profits from the sale of Lemonaid and ChariTea will be used for social purposes. The bottles are attractive. Both beverages are available only in Europe.

chariTea packaging

You will find more details about these creations on Lovely Package:
+ Via Roma
+ Green Eggs
+ Lemonaid and ChariTea

I believe that superior packaging helps to sell a product. These ones have a head start.