Alphabet learning games: Metamorphabet got me at Antlers.

This artistic alphabet game by Patrick Smith did more than captured my designer eyes. It got my son’s full attention the minute he started to play with it. Every time he opens Metamorphabet, my son explores the 26 letters and starts again.

Loop MetamorphabetThe app comes with no instructions and yet, kids know what to do. They are curious to look at what is happening and are keen to discover what will happen next. Kids feel they are in the driver’s seat when it comes to how long they’ll interact with an animation and how long they explore each letter.

I appreciate that my son can learn words than aren’t typically depicted in alphabet books, games or apps. Besides the familiar objects, animals and body parts, the animations introduced preschoolers to actions or concepts like amble (a leisurely walk) and juggle.

Kids deserve products with a strong aesthetic and good design. This is why I support designers and makers who deliver games, books and toys that are aesthetically refined, fun and educational. With Metamorphabet, interactive game developer and artist Patrick Smith proved that he deserves my support.

+ Demo of Metamorphabet with links to the iOS app and Android app