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Must-Have this Easter: Euphoria by Kusmi Tea

euphoria tea

euphoria tea

Here is a perfect Easter gift idea since it will please even people who count their calories. To be safe I suggest that instead of showing up at the Easter brunch where you are invited with a chocolate Easter bunny this year, you show up with a box of Euphoria, the latest addition to Kusmi Tea’s Wellness collection. Personally, I plan to end my Easter brunch with a cup of Euphoria tea.

Their Quebec PR agency sent me a box of Euphoria this week. My husband made us a tea pot after dinner yesterday night. We both like it. Euphoria is made with roasted maté, orange peel and chocolate. The chocolate taste is just present enough to appreciate it.

Euphoria is sold at Kusmi’s Montreal store and online. They operate a Canadian online shop and an American online store.

+ For Canadians:  Euphoria Wellness Teas by Kusmi Tea
125g tins $22.90 CAD, 250g tins $37.60 CAD, pack of 20 sachets $17 CAD
+ For Americans:  Euphoria Wellness Teas by Kusmi Tea
125g tins $22.90 CAD, 250g tins $37.60 CAD, pack of 20 sachets $17 CAD


Personalized Wall Art Prints for a Nursery or a Playroom

personalized wall arts

personalized wall arts

Here is a new source that I discovered on Twitter for alphabet wall art prints. This is from a Canadian Fellow. Grace Announcements offers a vast selection of design. I like the variety of style that she offers from the typical nursery illustrations up to modern geometric compositions.

As expected, her art prints will fit in the popular IKEA RIBBA. A framed personalized wall art print make an awesome baby shower gift. Simply inform you before buying about the nursery design theme and colors.

Personalized Wall Art Prints by Grace Announcements $12 for an 8×10, $25 for a 12×16


EVOKE Mio by Orla Kiely

digital radio evoke mio by orla kiely

digital radio evoke mio by orla kiely

The latest product finished with the well-known multi-stem pattern of fashion designer Orla Kiely is a 1950s style digital radio made by PURE. It’s pretty! This is a reskin of a product that was introduced in 2007.

Th EVOKE Mio digital and FM radio comes with an input for your iPod/MP3 player, Intellitext and textSCAN, an auto-dimming OLED display, an alarm, a kitchen timer and a USB connector for future product upgrades. Therefore, it is something that you can carry from your bedroom to the kitchen, and then, to your backyard. With a price tag of £150, we want something that will last many years.

Unless you live in UK, you cannot hope it to be under your Christmas tree. EVOKE Mio by Orla Kiely is now available exclusively via Orla Kiely’s Web site, at their Flagship store in Covent Garden and at John Lewis.

The Regular Line

evoke mio by pure :: midnight color

And if you are not into the floral pattern of Orla Kiely, Pure produces the EVOKE Mio in 5 colors: red, pink (candy), moss, chocolate, and midnight.

+  EVOKE Mio by Orla Kiely £150
+ Regular EVOKE Mio by Pure


Awesome Environment-friendly Wood Cutting Boards by Gray Works Design

farm market cutting board by gray works design

farm market cutting board by gray works design

I cannot resist the beautiful rustic charm of reclaimed wood cutting boards. They make awesome serving trays or plates. They transform a simple soup and sandwich meal into a delightful affair.

Bistro Look

cafe cutting board :: bistro plate

Although serving food in wooden café plates is an expensive option, I feel that it is worth every penny. As long as they are roughly of the same size, they do not have to be identical. It’s definitively something to put on your Holidays wish list. It’s on mine!

The Most Practical Size

sunday sustainably harvested wood cutting board by gray works design

My favorite one, due to its versatility, has to be the Sunday Styles Cutting Board. A 22 inch long, this wooden board works perfectly as serving ware on a buffet table, to serve antipastos at your dinner table, as a cheese plate or to eat your breakfast on weekends.

Gray Works Design produces one-of-a-kind, handmade footed cutting boards, bistro plates and bowls in their small studio located in Woodstock, NY. The collection varies from small to extra-large formats, depending of the products. Made with locally and sustainably harvested or salvaged American hardwoods, the  are protected with natural, organic, food safe finishes. Gray Works Design’s products are all available on Etsy.

+ Rustic Cutting Board in Hand Planed Rock Maple by Gray Works Design $70 USD on Etsy
+ Cafe Cutting Board in Salvaged Cherry $56
+ Sunday Styles Cutting Board in Sustainably Harvested Walnut $95
+ via Fonetik


Moss and Dried Flowers by Flores del Sol | Etsy Finds

flores del sol moss and dried floral arrangements :: Craspedia and fiddle heads

flores del sol moss and dried floral arrangements :: Craspedia and fiddle heads

Fresh flowers are great, but sometimes we want something that will last. For those occasions, look at the modern dried moss arrangements made by Flores del Sol. The woman behind Flores del Sol is Christina Moreno. She hold a Bachelors degree in Horticulture with an emphasis in Floral Design. Some of her beautiful creations come in vintage vases. One last thing, I like how Christina styled her pictures for her Etsy shop.

She also writes a blog called Flores del Sol.

+ Craspedia and fiddle heads by Flores del Sol $45 on Etsy
+ via Handmade Evolution

GIFT IDEAS Gifts for the COOK

Upside-Down Herb Gardening with Sky Planters by Boskke

sky planter designed by patrick morris for boskke

As a cook, it is important to have my reserve of fresh herbs. Nothing beats the taste of freshly cut herbs. I am currently looking at a simple way to keep fresh herbs indoors without using space on my floor or the counter. An extra small Sky Planter could be it.

The Sky Planters remind me of hanging fixtures. Patrick Morris came up with this design. You hang the plants upside down. Upside-down gardening is not a new concept. It is often used for tomatoes and cucumbers to save space. Some people are successful with that technique while many seem to fail to produce good vegetables.

Going back to the design, a locking disk holds the plant and soil in place. A reservoir gradually feeds water to the roots. You normally need to fill the reservoir once or twice a month. In theory, it seems quite simple to use. Since I am not tall and that I need to hang the pots high (due to the space planning of the room), I feel that the herbs would be easier to reach for cutting if I plant them upside down.

How it Works?

The pictures show the plants as they were freshly put in the planters. Since I care about the taste and not what the herbs will look like in the long run, I would like to try with my cooking herbs. Plus, we cut the herbs at a regular basis. Keep in mind that cooking herbs need lot of sunshine to flourish before selecting where to put them.

The Sky Planter comes in three formats. Like I said, the extra small is ideal for fresh herbs. Getting 2 or 3 extra small planters would make a wonderful gift for someone who loves to cook. When you buy a Sky Planter, you receive a stoneware ceramic, a stainless steel wire, a ceiling hook and a plastic plug. They are available in black or white.

+ Sky Planter by Patrick Morris for Boskke extra-small $25 USD, small $35, classic $75


Discover Pasta History in the Encyclopedia of Pasta

vintage wooden stamp was used to mint pasta like coins

What a pretty sight! These are pasta made by food historian and food teacher Oretta Zanini De Vita. As you can see, making pasta has so secret for her. She owns vintage pasta tools including a wooden stamp that mints pasta like coins. It is splendid.

Encyclopedia of Pasta

encyclopedia of pasta by Oretta Zanini De Vita

Oretta Zanini De Vita wrote a 300-page encyclopedia about the history of Italian pasta. The english version of her book will hit the store in a few days. This is not a recipe book. It is a book that explores all shapes and types of pasta. You will learn about their origins, the primary ingredients, the different names that it is called, and how you typically served them. It is a good gift idea for a foodie who likes to know more about food history.

In the interview on The New York Times, Mona Talbott said that the range of pasta shapes shows that cooking “was a way of self-expression for women to show their creativity and imagination with little or no resources”. When you see how beautiful these pasta are, I agree with her.

If you wish to know about Oretta Zanini De Vita’s quest to discover the history of pasta or you wish to admire more delightful pasta pictures, head to The New York Times.

+ For Americans: Encyclopedia of Pasta by Oretta Zanini De Vita $19.77 USD
+ For Canadians: Encyclopedia of Pasta by Oretta Zanini De Vita $21.74 CAD
+ top photo: Chris Warde-Jones for The New York Times


Home Accessories by Susan Bradley

branch log rack and shelf designed by susan bradley

Everyday items can be functional and pretty. I like this brown branch log rack. Susan Bradley designs and produces a unique range of interior and exterior products. She shows us that small storage solutions can neatly decorate our space.

shelf life series by susan bradley

She brings visual impacts to your home without neglecting the functionality of the object. The shelf life series is a great example of how she accomplished this. You can also add your touch. The branch shelf comes with a set of flora and fauna wall stickers to customize the look. Plus, her powder-coated steel racks and shelves can be commissioned in the color of your choice to fit your decor.

london landmark bookends designed by susan bradley

If you are interested by her collection, she ships internationally. Maybe you could cross names from your Holiday shopping list.

+ Susan Bradley
+ via Oh Joy!


Papercut Night Lights by Fog and Thistle

papercut night lights by crafter rachel weber of Fog and Thistle

If you are looking for a baby shower gift or a wonderful small Christmas gift for new parents, this could be it. A night light is a must when you live with babies and young kids. but savvy-design parents wish for something more than a basic night light.

Crafter Rachel Weber of Fog and Thistle hand mades these adorable papercut night lights. They all reveal a new element when you turn them on. The elephant is accompanied with a small bird. A baby monkey join his father on the tree. A spotted giraffe is next to the floral pattern giraffe.

I am sure that you will envy Rachel for the following. She appeared on Martha Stewart show where she demonstrated how she assembled one papercut night light.

You have the choice between a regular 5 watt bulb or pay a little extra to get one with a super energy efficient 1.3 watt LED light.


You have the chance to win the papercut night lights of your choice by entering the giveaway on blog of Fog and Thistle. Drawing will takes place next Saturday at midnight.

+ Papercut Night Lights on Etsy $25 USD, personalized models $27


New Whimsical Products at Fred & Friends

fred & friends stone cold ice tray :: loose leaf doorstop

Almost 30 new whimsical products were added. Out of these 29 additions, five caught my attention. I deemed these 5 to be the more practical.

+ First, Stone Cold, the icy icons from Easter Island is fun. This is another fun silicone ice cube tray that would look great in any tropical drinks or a mystery party. In fact, this could be an original theme for an Halloween party if you mix it with astronomy and astrology.

+ While you at it, get a Loose Leaf to stay a door open. If would be fun to watch people facial expression as they try to casually remove the leave from  under the door.

cookeys key caps by fred & friends

+ If I had kids, I would buy a set of Cookeys to identify their house keys. This is yummy! It may even encourage them to drink more milk.

fred split salt and pepper shaker

+ The Split shaker can save you time if like by pouring salt and pepper at the same time. For the less adventurous, you can divide the Split shaker in 2 and used each side separately. Hidden magnets keep the 2 halves together.

fred table saw for cutting cakes and slicing lettuce

+ Finally, the Table Saw does double duty. It can be used to cut cakes at parties and the rest of time, you can slice and dice your lettuce without discoloration. And if you have young boys at home, I am sure they will be pleased to help you in the kitchen.

+ Fred & Friends Stone Cold Ice Tray $7.95 USD
+ Fred Loose Leaf $10 USD
+ Cookeys $5.95 USD for 2 key caps
+ Fred Table Saw $7.99 USD