New Whimsical Products at Fred & Friends

fred & friends stone cold ice tray :: loose leaf doorstop

Almost 30 new whimsical products were added. Out of these 29 additions, five caught my attention. I deemed these 5 to be the more practical.

+ First, Stone Cold, the icy icons from Easter Island is fun. This is another fun silicone ice cube tray that would look great in any tropical drinks or a mystery party. In fact, this could be an original theme for an Halloween party if you mix it with astronomy and astrology.

+ While you at it, get a Loose Leaf to stay a door open. If would be fun to watch people facial expression as they try to casually remove the leave from  under the door.

cookeys key caps by fred & friends

+ If I had kids, I would buy a set of Cookeys to identify their house keys. This is yummy! It may even encourage them to drink more milk.

fred split salt and pepper shaker

+ The Split shaker can save you time if like by pouring salt and pepper at the same time. For the less adventurous, you can divide the Split shaker in 2 and used each side separately. Hidden magnets keep the 2 halves together.

fred table saw for cutting cakes and slicing lettuce

+ Finally, the Table Saw does double duty. It can be used to cut cakes at parties and the rest of time, you can slice and dice your lettuce without discoloration. And if you have young boys at home, I am sure they will be pleased to help you in the kitchen.

+ Fred & Friends Stone Cold Ice Tray $7.95 USD
+ Fred Loose Leaf $10 USD
+ Cookeys $5.95 USD for 2 key caps
+ Fred Table Saw $7.99 USD