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Creative Hardboiled Eggs for Easter

easter eggs hardboiled shapes chicks

easter eggs hardboiled shapes chicks

With the creative work that goes into decorating eggs for Easter, it always seems a shame to crack open the colourful shells to eat the hardboiled egg inside. But it turns out you can have just as much fun decorating eggs once you’ve peeled off the shell!

  • Jenn of JustJenn Recipes tested out the Chickie Eggs from The Manga Cookbook, a popular step-by-step guide to preparing simple Japanese dishes using ingredients found in North American kitchens.
  • It takes a few tools and a bit of patience to create this carton of just-hatched chicks, but kids will love the result (it may even entice them to eat the eggs!).
  • If you’re looking for something simpler, check out Anna’s instructions for these heart-shaped eggs. They’re easier to create than you might think and a thoughtful way to show some love for your guests at Easter brunch. (You may want to stash this idea for a romantic Valentine’s Day breakfast too).

Japanese Egg Molds

easter egg molds japanese bento

Easier still are these adorable, inexpensive egg molds typically used in Japanese bento boxes. Available in a variety of shapes and characters, the bunny is particularly fitting for Easter buffets.

How do you use eggs at Easter? Are they just for decorating or are eggs part of your meal too?

+ Chickie Eggs via JustJenn Recipes
+ Chicken Egg Family How To from Eye Candy
+ Heart-Shaped Eggs from Anna the Red
Kotobuki Plastic Egg Mold,, $3.99 USD
+ Fun with Japanese Egg Molds Tutorial from Just Bento


Valentine’s Day Breakfast Menu

baked eggs served with sautéed kale

baked eggs served with sautéed kale

Breakfast is one of favorite meals. This is why I selected a breakfast in bed as my ultimate Valentine’s Day gift. If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend, you will have the time to do it. To help you plan a romantic Valentine’s Day, I scoured more recipes online.

+ The talented team at Sunday Suppers made those baked eggs with cream and truffle salt. The side is sauteed kale with olive oil, sea salt and a squeeze of fresh lemon. And what not to love about these adorable heart butter patties. To realize those, you will need a heart-shaped ice tray. Then, you simply added chopped cherries (or any fruit that you like) to soft butter and scoop them inside the ice tray. It is that easy to make. Get the full recipes at Sunday Suppers.

delicious food for Valentine's Day

+ My second suggestion are those adorable Blackberry “Cheesecake” Yogurt Pops prepared by Citrus and Candy. The color of those pops looks amazing. And it is more stylish way to eat your daily yogurt. I feel that it is worth to pass mixture through a fine sieve to remove the berry bits. Karen of Citrus and Candy suggests that you push through to extract as much syrup as you can. It is best to start the recipe one day in advance if you wish to serve it in the morning.

+ Valentine’s Day Breakfast from Sunday Suppers – photos by Karen Mordechai
+ Blackberry “Cheesecake” Yogurt Pops from Citrus and Candy


My Muesli Covered French Toast Recipe

muesli covered french toast recipe

muesli covered french toast recipe

I usually make my French toasts with a cereal type of bread but this morning, I had almost an entire Italian loaf left, freshly baked yesterday. I did not want to lose it. Plus, I do not feel like going to the store on a Sunday morning. Instead, I improvised.

I mixed a little handful of oats with authentic muesli. I am picky when it comes to muesli. Select your own favorite brand as long as it is none of the mass-produced cereal boxes. I added oats to help the muesli sticked more to the soaked bread. I made my usual French toast egg mixture. I found that it works better if I put a layer on top and press a little. It is a messy job but once you tasted, you will see that it is worth it.

The Sugared Apple Topping

cooked apple topping

Heat one or two teaspoons of margarine in a pan at medium. Add two sliced and peeled apples. I used one pear apple and one Granny Smith. I put the slices on a bowl and immediately pour over some lemon juice.

I put the Granny Smith first so they can cook a little bit longer than the softer pear apple slices. Cook for one minute. To create a sauce, throw in the pan the lemon juice used earlier on the sliced apples – you need about one or two tablespoons. I added brown sugar to taste; it does not take a lot. I eyeball the quantity by lightly sprinkling the brown sugar until I am happy. Reduce the heat to 2 or 3. Let it cook until some apples become soft.

When I served the French toasts, I decorate the apples with a little bit of the remaining oat-muesli mix.


Recipe of an Egg Baked in Cream

Camino\'s Egg Baked in Cream by seven spoons

I talked last month about the easiest of serving an egg in a ramekin if you host a brunch for a big crowd. Since we always need more recipes, I am glad to share the Camino’s Egg Baked in Cream that I found on Seven Spoons. This is delicious recipe that would not break the bank.

If you are out of ramekins, you can always use a small bowl that goes into the oven. I also like the look of cast-iron mini cocottes. The mini cocottes become an option when you host a brunch for a small group. You can see the result of the Camino’s Egg Baked in Cream when served in a ramekin on The Wednesday Chef.

+ photo: Seven Spoons


Many French Toast Recipes

fortune french toast for breakfast

If you are looking for what to cook this weekend for breakfast, why not make French toasts? I shared my basic French toast recipe a while ago. It is so easy to make that you can do it for a weekday breakfast.

Someone commented on The Kitchn about the fact that they don’t make French toasts because they feel it tastes better with stale bread. My answer is to switch to a muesli or another type of multi-grain bread if you get freshly baked bread. I put real maple syrup, home made berry jam and, once in a while, I spread Nutella.

A tasty twist is an adaptation of the Fortune French Toast recipe by chef Michael Smith. I did mine by stuffing small pieces of cheddar inside the bread pockets. If my suggestions do not inspired you, the Kitchen listed more French Toast recipes.

+ photo of Fortune French Toast via


Making French Toast on a Sunny Sunday Morning

french toast recipe

For cooking breakfast, my husband and I each have our specialities. My husband is the specialist of eggs and omelettes. I prepare French toast, crepes or Belgium waffles. It is fun because this way, we take turns on cooking our Sunday’s breakfast.

This morning it was my turn. The sun was shining. It inspired me to take a picture before I made breakfast.

Kim’s French Toast Recipe

The secret of a great French toast is to use thick slices and to soak them well. I select the smaller mixing bowl where my bread slices lay down comfortably.

I prefer to use margarine to fry my French toast because it does not burned as easily. You can add oil to butter to get the same result.

Ingredients for a baguette:

  • 4 large eggs
  • 1/2 cup (125 ml) milk
  • 2 tablespoon (30 gr) sugar
  • Little more than 1/4 teaspoon Kosher salt – if you use table salt, 1/4 teaspoon is plenty
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1 French baguette or a country multi-grain bread log (I often use muesli bread) – use what you need, a baguette can feed up to 4 persons depending on your menu and the appetite
  • 2 tablespoons margarine to pan-fry the French toast


  1. Cut thick slices the baguette at a diagonal angle (you wish for more bread surface).
  2. Put in a mixing bowl the eggs, milk, salt, sugar and the vanilla extract.
  3. Whisk everything for half a minute.
  4. Soak the bread slices well in the egg mixture by turning the bread of all sides
  5. Heat the margarine in a large skillet over a medium high heat. I often use a small and a large non-stick skillet to fry all the bread in a single batch.
  6. Fry the bread slices until golden brown on one side, flip with tongs and brown other side.

Served with authentic maple syrup or a freshly made jam that is still warm.