My Muesli Covered French Toast Recipe

muesli covered french toast recipe

I usually make my French toasts with a cereal type of bread but this morning, I had almost an entire Italian loaf left, freshly baked yesterday. I did not want to lose it. Plus, I do not feel like going to the store on a Sunday morning. Instead, I improvised.

I mixed a little handful of oats with authentic muesli. I am picky when it comes to muesli. Select your own favorite brand as long as it is none of the mass-produced cereal boxes. I added oats to help the muesli sticked more to the soaked bread. I made my usual French toast egg mixture. I found that it works better if I put a layer on top and press a little. It is a messy job but once you tasted, you will see that it is worth it.

The Sugared Apple Topping

cooked apple topping

Heat one or two teaspoons of margarine in a pan at medium. Add two sliced and peeled apples. I used one pear apple and one Granny Smith. I put the slices on a bowl and immediately pour over some lemon juice.

I put the Granny Smith first so they can cook a little bit longer than the softer pear apple slices. Cook for one minute. To create a sauce, throw in the pan the lemon juice used earlier on the sliced apples – you need about one or two tablespoons. I added brown sugar to taste; it does not take a lot. I eyeball the quantity by lightly sprinkling the brown sugar until I am happy. Reduce the heat to 2 or 3. Let it cook until some apples become soft.

When I served the French toasts, I decorate the apples with a little bit of the remaining oat-muesli mix.