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Dream Closet for Men

custom closet for men

When I talk about my ultimate closet space, I usually share features that would be great for me. But what about the man in my life! He deserves a stunning space where he can neatly organize his clothes and fashion accessories.

custom closet for men
photo: Jean Longpré for Maison et Demeure, april 2012

It is hard to beat the functional side of this closet designed for a male couple living in the iconic Habitat 67 here in Montreal.

white modern kitchen at habitat 67
photo: Jean Longpré for Maison et Demeure, april 2012

I invite you to check the rest of their interior at Maison et Demeure (the French-speaking edition of House and Home) since their home is modernly stunning. Interior designer Maria Rosa Di Ioia of Idea Design rethought their blank canvas space. I like what she did with the space.


How to Store Sheet Sets

linen closet folding sheets martha stewart

linen closet folding sheets martha stewart

Does your linen closet betray your otherwise neat-and-tidy home? It can be a challenge to keep sheet sets organized amongst duvets, towels and blankets, but leave it to Martha (who else?) to find the smartest, simplest solution.

Just place your folded sheet sets inside one of its pillowcases and stack. Voilà! A perfectly presentable linen closet you won’t mind showing off to guests. Now, how do you fold a fitted sheet again?

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Shoe Storage Solutions on Living etc.

shoe storage solutions on living etc march 2010

shoe storage solutions on living etc march 2010

There is no need to have a love affair with shoes for craving for a well-organized way to store your footwear. From the ultimate shoe closet to the simpler show racks hung on the walls, having a place where to store each pair of shows keeps them looking new longer but more importantly for the busy women, it enables us to quickly find the best pair to complement our outfit.

The March 2010 issue of Living etc. has an article that an shoe lover will not want to miss.

+ Photos: Living etc.


Tips for a Neat Dressing Room

stylish dressing room with a neat dream closet by ikea

stylish dressing room with a neat dream closet by ikea

I was looking for an image to illustrate the happiness of living in a neat, well-organized space when I saw this ad from IKEA. Having a stylish dressing room is the ultimate way to start your day or to change your clothes after a day at work for a night event.

How to Keep it Neat

But having a storage system is only part of the equation. You also need the discipline to edit your what is in your wardrobe every season. If you keep accumulated clothes, shoes and bags, it will not stay neat. The biggest problem people have is to figure out to depart from their designer label clothes.

For the best clothes that does not fit you or for items that you simply never wear, why not organize a cocktail party at home where you invite your girlfriends and their circle to a home sale. Create a photo album on Facebook to advertise what you have to sell and manage the invitations. Gabrielle Chalifoux introduced me to, a french-speaking site that allows their members to sell the best items on their closet. It was successful for her.

To help you from impulsive buying, remember the old method that dictates that for every piece that goes in, you must remove one item from your closet.

By the way, the IKEA Storage event is ending February 14th. You could save 20% on PAX wardrobes and KOMPLEMENT interiors.

+ photo: IKEA


Tips To Keep an Organized Closet

6 steps to get an organized closet as seen on chick advisor

6 steps to get an organized closet as seen on chick advisor

Chick Advisor gave us 6 steps to an Organized Closet. One suggestion is to place your hangers in backwards after every big cleanup. Flip the hanger the other way once you worn something. After a few months, you can get rid of the clothes that are still backwards since you clearly do not want to wear them. You should do that every season.

Knowing what fit you well and what is in your closet that you still like can save you money. This way, when you go shopping you can look for fashion pieces that will complement or update your style. Plus, a neatly organized closet means that you will lose less time finding an outfit every morning. For more on that topic, read the Evolution of a Fashion Recessionista, a post written by Yael Panet.

+ photo: Chick Advisor


A Dressing Room for my Organizing Monday

A walking closet like that is every woman dreams. It reminds me of Carrie’s super dressing room that she never used in the Sex in The City movie.  It is fun to get ready for a party or in the morning in a spacious dressing room. I used to have one before I converted the space into my home office.

dressing room by california closets

If you are a Greater Toronto resident, you can enter the $10,000 Dressing Room Makeover on Canadian House and Home. For the rest of us, we can take clues on how to organize our closet by exploring the different displayed elements. This is an installation made by California Closets.

+ Enter via Canadian House and House