Tips To Keep an Organized Closet

6 steps to get an organized closet as seen on chick advisor

6 steps to get an organized closet as seen on chick advisor

Chick Advisor gave us 6 steps to an Organized Closet. One suggestion is to place your hangers in backwards after every big cleanup. Flip the hanger the other way once you worn something. After a few months, you can get rid of the clothes that are still backwards since you clearly do not want to wear them. You should do that every season.

Knowing what fit you well and what is in your closet that you still like can save you money. This way, when you go shopping you can look for fashion pieces that will complement or update your style. Plus, a neatly organized closet means that you will lose less time finding an outfit every morning. For more on that topic, read the Evolution of a Fashion Recessionista, a post written by Yael Panet.

+ photo: Chick Advisor

  • Mikaela
    January 13, 2010 at 01:30

    That clothes hanger tip is a really good idea. And since my sanding machine just blew up, I’m going to go a clear out some of my closet instead.

  • JJacobsen
    February 12, 2010 at 07:04

    That is a great idea. Unfortunately, I know what clothing I don’t wear anymore; I just have a hard time getting rid of them.