Tips for a Neat Dressing Room

stylish dressing room with a neat dream closet by ikea

stylish dressing room with a neat dream closet by ikea

I was looking for an image to illustrate the happiness of living in a neat, well-organized space when I saw this ad from IKEA. Having a stylish dressing room is the ultimate way to start your day or to change your clothes after a day at work for a night event.

How to Keep it Neat

But having a storage system is only part of the equation. You also need the discipline to edit your what is in your wardrobe every season. If you keep accumulated clothes, shoes and bags, it will not stay neat. The biggest problem people have is to figure out to depart from their designer label clothes.

For the best clothes that does not fit you or for items that you simply never wear, why not organize a cocktail party at home where you invite your girlfriends and their circle to a home sale. Create a photo album on Facebook to advertise what you have to sell and manage the invitations. Gabrielle Chalifoux introduced me to CoinDressing.com, a french-speaking site that allows their members to sell the best items on their closet. It was successful for her.

To help you from impulsive buying, remember the old method that dictates that for every piece that goes in, you must remove one item from your closet.

By the way, the IKEA Storage event is ending February 14th. You could save 20% on PAX wardrobes and KOMPLEMENT interiors.

+ photo: IKEA

  • SecondCitySoireeJen
    February 13, 2010 at 11:49

    Oh my…I would just LOVE to have such a space for my wardrobe. I’ve been meaning to do a deep clean and reorganization of my closet for several months now, but it’s mentally tough to take a break from running a business and carve out several hours on something that is currently operating at a “functional” (if not “optimal”) state.

  • Emma Persky
    February 13, 2010 at 12:51

    Awesome post and great idea, but no matter how many clothes I hide away in remote storage I never seem to have the organisation I really want. Perhaps I need a whole extra room, a real “dressing room” just for my clothes 🙂

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