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Halloween Lovely Animals Cake Toppers and More by Kikuike | Etsy Finds

halloween love kitty and cat cake toppers by kikuike

halloween love kitty and cat cake toppers by kikuike

The Kikuike’s team produces adorable cake toppers. I applaud their originality and the fun element that they bring to wedding cake toppers. They produced a limited edition of their Love Angels especially for Halloween. As a cat lover, I am partial to the Love cats cake topper. The bride cat wear make-up and you can choose the make-up colour to match your wedding color.

halloween love penguins cake topper

The Love Penguins sit on a cloud base and come with their Halloween accessories: a broomstick, pumpkin and bat.

lovely monkeys wedding cake toppers

Who can resist the lovely monkeys cake topper? Not me. Kikuike sculpts all kinds of animals. They also make the typical human bride and groom cake toppers. The animals won my heart.

Not Just for Weddings

cupcake tower birthday top ornaments

You will find on Flickr the extent of their cake topper creations. Kikuike also makes Japanese style dollhouses. The cake counter could be a sublime inspiration for the top of a kids birthday cupcake tower.

Halloween edition of the Love Kitty, Love Cats cake topper by Kikuike  $120 USD on etsy
+ Halloween edition of the Love Penguins cake topper $120 USD
+ Lovely monkeys cake topper $120 USD – photo on Flickr
+ Birthday cake ornaments by Kikuike on Flickr


Five Halloween Cupcake Decorating Kits

halloween cupcake decorating kits

halloween cupcake decorating kits

Making your own show stopper cupcakes is simple if you get festive cupcake liners, wrappers and cake toppers. There are many classic Halloween themes to choose from.

For the Family

Your kids can help you decorate your cupcakes with Williams-Sonoma’s Halloween Cupcake Decorating Kit. The kit includes 24 orange spider-web liners, 6 spider toppers, 6 bat toppers, 6 ghost toppers and 6 pumpkin toppers.

meri meri trick or treat halloween cupcake decorating kits :: something wicked

Or you may prefer the witch toppers and Frankenstein toppers that you find inside the Meri Meri Trick or Treat Halloween Cupcake Kit. it also comes with ghost toppers and pumpkin toppers.

Spooky and Haunted House Themes

Something Wicked include 24 cupcake cups in two patterns, 6 skulls, 6 ravens, 6 spiders, and 6 Happy Halloween pics. The collection is suitable for kids and adults.

wilton halloween cupcake wrappers and pics

Wilton proposes 12 wrappers and 24 pics set are the most affordable option. And they  are as cute as the others. Wilton wrappers are more refined. You will need to bake the cupcakes in a standard cupcake cups. Solid orange liners work the best. I like the Pick your Poison Cupcake Wraps ‘n Pix and the Haunted Manor Cupcake Wraps ’n Pix. But you would have to find them at a local store because they are out of stock at the Wilton online store.

+ Halloween Cupcake Decorating Kit $12 USD at Williams-Sonoma
+ Meri Meri Trick or Treat Halloween Cupcake Kit $11.95 at [affiliate link]
+ Something Wicked Halloween Cupcake Kit $7.95 at [affiliate link]
+ Pick your Poison Cupcake Wraps ‘n Pix $3.99
+ Haunted Manor Cupcake Wraps ’n Pix $3.99


Sämyii’s Personalized Cake Toppers | Etsy Finds

samyii custom made cake toppers for brides and grooms

samyii custom made cake toppers for brides and grooms

When I saw the personalized wedding dolls on, I immediately thought of why not used that concept for a birthday. Sämyii, who sells them on Etsy, agrees with me.

birthday cake figurines for girls by samyii on etsy

As I dug her creations on Flickr, I noticed that she also made custom figurines that would be a nice touch on a graduation or a birthday. You can put it at the top of a birthday cake or a cupcake tower. She integrated items to create a scene. I love it. I do not know what is the price of those cute personalized figurines for girls and boys.

samyii's personalized figurines for a boy birthday cake topper

+  Personalized Dolls as Cake Toppers by Samyii $40 USD at Etsy


Cupcake Topper Kits for Stress-Free Kids Party Planning

meri meri cupcake kits :: cupcake cases and toppers for baby showers and birthdays

meri meri cupcake kits :: cupcake cases and toppers for baby showers and birthdays

There is no need for fancy skills in cupcake decorating with the cupcake sets designed by Meri Meri. Those will be perfect for a kids birthday or a baby shower. Their collections are sophisticated and very affordable. Amongst the favorites, you will find:

+ the Circus Cupcake Kit
+ Oh Baby Baby Cupcake Set
+ the Pirate Cupcake Set
+ the Ready Set Go Cupcake Set

meri meri cupcake toppers and cases for boy birthday themes :: pirate party and racing cars

Each set costs $11.95 USD and includes 24 cupcake cases and 24 cupcake toppers. Therefore it is really an inexpensive solution that will make a statement at your party. Meri Meri also sells coordinated centerpieces, invites, bunting, napkins and more for each theme. Ideally, I would use the design of their cupcake cases and toppers as my starting point and find by myself the rest of the party decor. This way, I would get a custom look. But if you are in a hurry, you could save time by getting more items from the collection.

+ Meri Meri’s Party Shop


Pink Cake Box Brings Personality to Wedding and Baby Shower Cakes

pink cake box personalized specialty cakes

Imagine having a cake with a character that looks like the guest of honor. This is what you get when you hire Anne Heap of Pink Cake Box. She tailored her standard cake creations to fit your event.

The flower baby shower cake includes a pregnant woman modeled after the image on the baby shower’s invitation. The invitation to a first birthday also led to the color palette used for her cake. Each tier of the bachelor pirate cake has port holes with caricatures of the groomsmen looking out. Fall weddings led to leafy pumpkin decorations and a fun Halloween themed cake with bride and groom corpses as cake toppers.

Baby Shower Cakes with Personalized Moms-to-be

personalized pregnant toppers by pink cake box

Who would not be happy with a pregnant topper like those? Each topper is distinct and tells a story. Details go from the color of the skin, the hair style and fashion accessories up to matching fabric samples provided by the grandmother-to-be. All the pregnant toppers from Pink Cake Box are adorable.

If you recalled, this is the cake shop that replicate the Rachel Ray’s Studio Kitchen as a cake last year.

+ Pink Cake Box
+ Get directions to Pink Cake Box p (973) 998-4445
18 E Main St, Morristown, New Jersey, United States, 07960


Fresh Ideas for Wedding Cake Toppers

Toshiro Hitsugaya and Momo Hinamori from bleach : metal cake toppers

When selecting a cake topper it is important that the bride and groom select one that represents well their couple. I am showing three that thinks outside the box.

Anime and Video Game Figurines

A cake topper is basically a cake doll. There is no reason why you should restrict your choose to a character wearing a wedding dress. With the profusion of adorable and well executed figurines from anime, video games and TV series, the universe of potential cake toppers is expanding fast.

Russ and Lisa selected Toshiro Hitsugaya and Momo Hinamori from the anime series Bleach as their wedding cake topper. The figurines carry a mystical, refined mood. I love it! Thanks to ToastyKen for posting his pictures of Russ and Lisa’s wedding on Flickr.

Objects as Cake Toppers

It does not have to be people. Objects can sit on top of a wedding cake. Meg and Bob did that. Their cake maker sculpted out of fondant a woman evening shoe for her next to a golf shoe for him. Check it out Meg & Bob Reception photographed by Hankins on Flickr.

Toppers for Couples with Flair

The dancing bride and groom look so happy and fun. The hip bride & groom metal cake topper is all about attitudes. Very movie stars or diva like! These two models will look great on modern style cakes and art deco cakes.

Two Things to Remember Before Selecting a Wedding Cake Topper

The cake topper must fit your personalities. Since the cake topper must look harmonious on your cake, make sure to talk to your cake designer before making your final choice. Bring a picture of the cake toppers that you like when you are meeting your cake maker. This way, you avoid any miscommunications.

Buy online: Metal Wedding Cake Toppers at Beaucoup Wedding Favours – price: $69.99 USD

+ Your avatars as wedding cake toppers
+ Unique cake toppers by Chapeau de Gateau
+ Whimsical wedding cake toppers by Weddingstar

CAKES + desserts FOOD + DRINK

Unique cake toppers by Chapeau de Gateau

cake toppers by chapeau de gateau

After a career as a jewelry, fashion and accessories designer, Alison Dawson found a new vocation when she founded Chapeau de Gateau (cake hat in French).

As you can see, Alison Dawson produces stylish cake toppers. Every detail is taking care including delivering your one-of-a-kind cake topper in a keepsake box.

Ideal for wedding and any special occasions, each Chapeau de Gateau topper is handmade with the finest quality Mokuba ribbons. These ribbons are imported from Japan.

Cake toppers can be chosen from the Chapeau de Gateau line. For the ultimate in event design harmonization, opt for a custom designed topper.

The talented cake maker / decorator, Papillon Cakes, that I introduced two days ago, works with Chapeau de Gateau.

Learn more: Chapeau de Gateau

+ Your avatars as wedding cake toppers
+ Fresh Ideas for Wedding Cake Toppers
+ Whimsical wedding cake toppers by Weddingstar

CAKES + desserts FOOD + DRINK

Your avatars as wedding cake toppers


I am not a huge fan of wedding cake toppers but these ones got my attention. As a leisure gamer, I found those cake toppers pretty amazing.

Targeting the fans of Nintendo Wii this Valentine, Paul Pape Designs got an overwhelming demand. Their production does not start there. Paul Pape Designs also produces clay imitations of your game avatar characters.

For a wedding, the mid and deluxe options are worthwhile. For $200, the deluxe version delivers a custom job including the reproduction of your wedding dress and the groom’s tuxedo. You can decide on your own pose and even, add a scenery.

Not just for getting hitched!

If it is your birthday, have them create a clay imitative sculpture for your event.

Paul Pape Designs is also renowned for its true-to-scale, laser die-cut paper furniture called Pop-Out Furniture.

Buy online: Mid-grade Cake Topper by Paul Pape Designs – price: $150
Via: Chocolate Mii for you and Wii on Popgadget

+ Fresh Ideas for Wedding Cake Toppers
+ Unique cake toppers by Chapeau de Gateau
+ Whimsical wedding cake toppers by Weddingstar

CAKES + desserts FOOD + DRINK

Whimsical wedding cake toppers by Weddingstar

wedding cake toppers by Weddingstar

I want to share a smile or two with you. This is not really about at home entertaining but we are around the wedding season. I came by these comical cake toppers by Weddingstar today.

Whether you are a fan or not of bride and groom cake toppers, you have to admit that these ones are funny. I will never go for a comical formula myself but everyone has their own idea about what is the perfect wedding.

My wedding was about the Duchess-Empress Sissi (you know the one played by Romy Schneider) spirit: classical music, princess dress, a five-star dinner setting and a choreographed Viennese waltz for the first dance. My wedding cake was a sophisticated three-tiered ivory cake decorated with trios of creamy white roses sculpted in fondant. Frankly Considering the choices available at the time, my cake design was better off without a bride and groom cake topper.

If you want a bride and groom cake topper, take a look at Weddingstar’s collection. The Reaching Bride and Helpful Groom cake topper and the Sitting Bride and Groom are sweet. The Golf Fanatic Groom and Exasperated Bride cake topper is hilarious. The Couple with The Groom “Taking a plunge” can be an inside joke.

Most of the Weddingstar’s selection is available in ethnic and multiracial models. Yes, you can mix and match the bride and groom. Beside the comical ones, other varieties are traditional, unique look and based on a theme. The Beach bride and groom cake topper wears a little bit less formal clothes and naturally, they are barefoot.

Intrigued, I continue my search. Western (cowboy) weddings are well represented; I did not know they were so popular. But I do not really follow the casual wedding scene. On The Knot online store, I find a cake topper for the bride who marries a Marine. After all, many women love men in uniforms, why not exhibit this fact?

Marines cake topper at The Knot

But I fail to grasp what goes on the mind of any bride to be that opts for desperate figurines like “Oh No You Don’t” or “Now I Have You” that I find at The Knot. It can be funny for a bachelor party to have a little laugh at your mate. (crossed out on June 6) But showing no shame on your wedding cake seems to indicate a doomed marriage in the first place. I do not get it!

update on June 6: Like I said earlier, I am not used to the idea of a funny wedding. I see many searches for the comical wedding cake toppers. Maybe some of you can explain your attraction to this style. Do you really put it on your official wedding cake? Is it a joke the bride maids play on the couple? I want to grasp that concept.

On a final note, Weddingstar sells lovely brush silver monogrammed cake toppers. The monogram letters can ornate lots of decorations from centerpieces, guest book table to buffet tables and more. Not just for wedding, the monogram topper can replace the numbers on an anniversary or a birthday cake.

So tell me, what are your thoughts about wedding cake toppers? Did you have one at your wedding? What is your favorite style?

Link: Wedding cake topper on the Canadian store of Weddingstar
Link: Wedding cake topper on the USA store of Weddingstar
Link: Wedding cake topper on The Knot online store

+ Your avatars as wedding cake toppers
+ Fresh Ideas for Wedding Cake Toppers
+ Unique cake toppers by Chapeau de Gateau