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Unique cake toppers by Chapeau de Gateau

cake toppers by chapeau de gateau

After a career as a jewelry, fashion and accessories designer, Alison Dawson found a new vocation when she founded Chapeau de Gateau (cake hat in French).

As you can see, Alison Dawson produces stylish cake toppers. Every detail is taking care including delivering your one-of-a-kind cake topper in a keepsake box.

Ideal for wedding and any special occasions, each Chapeau de Gateau topper is handmade with the finest quality Mokuba ribbons. These ribbons are imported from Japan.

Cake toppers can be chosen from the Chapeau de Gateau line. For the ultimate in event design harmonization, opt for a custom designed topper.

The talented cake maker / decorator, Papillon Cakes, that I introduced two days ago, works with Chapeau de Gateau.

Learn more: Chapeau de Gateau

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  • Jenn
    February 12, 2008 at 09:34

    these are great!
    we have a ribbon store here in Toronto and all the japanese ribbons are my favorite! just gorgeous 🙂