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Whimsical wedding cake toppers by Weddingstar

wedding cake toppers by Weddingstar

I want to share a smile or two with you. This is not really about at home entertaining but we are around the wedding season. I came by these comical cake toppers by Weddingstar today.

Whether you are a fan or not of bride and groom cake toppers, you have to admit that these ones are funny. I will never go for a comical formula myself but everyone has their own idea about what is the perfect wedding.

My wedding was about the Duchess-Empress Sissi (you know the one played by Romy Schneider) spirit: classical music, princess dress, a five-star dinner setting and a choreographed Viennese waltz for the first dance. My wedding cake was a sophisticated three-tiered ivory cake decorated with trios of creamy white roses sculpted in fondant. Frankly Considering the choices available at the time, my cake design was better off without a bride and groom cake topper.

If you want a bride and groom cake topper, take a look at Weddingstar’s collection. The Reaching Bride and Helpful Groom cake topper and the Sitting Bride and Groom are sweet. The Golf Fanatic Groom and Exasperated Bride cake topper is hilarious. The Couple with The Groom “Taking a plunge” can be an inside joke.

Most of the Weddingstar’s selection is available in ethnic and multiracial models. Yes, you can mix and match the bride and groom. Beside the comical ones, other varieties are traditional, unique look and based on a theme. The Beach bride and groom cake topper wears a little bit less formal clothes and naturally, they are barefoot.

Intrigued, I continue my search. Western (cowboy) weddings are well represented; I did not know they were so popular. But I do not really follow the casual wedding scene. On The Knot online store, I find a cake topper for the bride who marries a Marine. After all, many women love men in uniforms, why not exhibit this fact?

Marines cake topper at The Knot

But I fail to grasp what goes on the mind of any bride to be that opts for desperate figurines like “Oh No You Don’t” or “Now I Have You” that I find at The Knot. It can be funny for a bachelor party to have a little laugh at your mate. (crossed out on June 6) But showing no shame on your wedding cake seems to indicate a doomed marriage in the first place. I do not get it!

update on June 6: Like I said earlier, I am not used to the idea of a funny wedding. I see many searches for the comical wedding cake toppers. Maybe some of you can explain your attraction to this style. Do you really put it on your official wedding cake? Is it a joke the bride maids play on the couple? I want to grasp that concept.

On a final note, Weddingstar sells lovely brush silver monogrammed cake toppers. The monogram letters can ornate lots of decorations from centerpieces, guest book table to buffet tables and more. Not just for wedding, the monogram topper can replace the numbers on an anniversary or a birthday cake.

So tell me, what are your thoughts about wedding cake toppers? Did you have one at your wedding? What is your favorite style?

Link: Wedding cake topper on the Canadian store of Weddingstar
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  • Leslie
    November 27, 2007 at 14:02

    I used one of the comical wedding toppers and everyone at my wedding got a kick out of it! It just depends on the sense of humor your guests have….everyone knew that our wedding had been “long in coming,” so it just fit. No one was bothered at all by it, and it brought some laughs to the reception.
    Every couple’s story is different, and sometimes the funny toppers just fit perfectly. And we are happily married with children today!

  • At Home with kim vallee
    November 27, 2007 at 16:10

    Leslie: It is great to hear your point of view. After reading your comments, I realized that there are circumstances, similar to yours, where the humorous wedding toppers are proper. Congratulations on your successful wedding and family life. It is something to cherish.