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Alessi’s Folding Cake Stands: from Anna Gong to Fatman by Marcel Wanders

fatman by marcel wanders :: folding cake stand for alessi

Like many Alessi products, you may not want to hide this cake stand. Marcel Wanders designed the Fatman cake stand for Alessi.  Wanders put a whimsical touch by dressing as a clown the round structure that you see when the three stainless-steel cake platters are folded. I love it! It is fun, beautiful and, as a bonus, it saves space. I might put it on my wishlist for my birthday — which is next month, by the way. Continue Reading


Asplund Cookie Tray

Asplund Cookie Tray

Asplund Cookie Tray
Asplund Cookie Tray $185 USD at Huset

With the big Holiday season that is only a few months away, it’s best to start sooner than later. This unique design cookie tray designed by Stina Sandwall would be perfect to serve your Holiday treats. The Asplund Cookie Tray comes in red and in white. I would like both on my Christmas table, except that at that price, it would become an indulgence.



Babell by Koziol

babell by koziol

babell by koziol

Finding Koziol’s products in Canada or the United States can be an impossible task. This is why I was glad to notice them in the latest newsletters of the Canadian etailer Gone Shopping.

A favorite of mine, Babell can be used as a fruit stand or a cupcake stand of 1 to 3 tiers, depending of your need. The look is perfect for outdoor entertaining. It works like the Russian nesting dolls for storage; each tier can be stored under the larger one.

+ Triple-tiered Babell $35.99 CAD at Gone Shopping


Bijoux Glass Domes by Kiki van Eijk for Secondome

Bijoux glass domes by dutch designer Kiki van Eijk

Bijoux glass domes by dutch designer Kiki van Eijk

Bijoux is a new collection of glass domes created by Dutch designer Kiki van Eijk for Secondome. I like the lines of her serving pieces. They will be presented at Maison et Objet this week.

fabrica glass domes cake stands bowls and pitchers for secondome

In 2008, Fabrica made a unique glass serving ware collection for Secondome. It contains 14 mouth-blown glass pieces: cake covers, roast covers, pitchers and sculptures. The whimsical pieces cheer up any table. Rita Botelho played with wine glasses to create her glass domes. Sam Browm created Futiles, a series formed by a fruit bowl and two pitchers. Yukihiro Kaneuchi imagined the happy cake stand. I like the Martians glass domes by American designer Becka Citron.

+ Bijoux by Kiki van Eijk for Secondome
+ Secondome Glass Martians Third by Becka Citron for Fabrica $552 USD at Yook
+ via Moco Loco


Milk Glass and Porcelain Cake Stands

decor bon bon by rosanna cake and friandises stands

Any beautiful sweet tooth table starts with cake stands. You need a few stands to make a statement. You aim to get 2 or 3 sizes that you can stack. The ones on the Miette’s candy table (previous post) are superb. I do not think that they sell them. A milk glass or glossyfinish porcelain adds sparkles in a classy way. Here are some suggestions, if you are on the market for cake stands.

What I like about the Decor Bon Bon series at Rosanna is the diversity of the container. It mixes bowls on pedestal with rimmed plates and the standard cake stands. That mix already created interest on your table. It also teach you that you assemble your own set using flea market finds and store bought stands. The key for a cohesive look is to restrict your options to the same color or shape. The Decor Bon Bon series was inspired by Victorian era tableware.

It’s OK to be Square

cake stands by martha stewart collection at macy\'s

The square plates can hold more food. It is something to consider since you lose space when you stack them. Martha Stewart carries a line of affordable square cake stands in three dimensions.

+ Decor Bon Bon Cake Stand by Rosanna $35 USD
+ Martha Stewart Collection Whiteware Cake Stands on sale $14.99 to $29.99 at Macy’s


Fourth of July or the Bastille Day Dessert Table

cake stands at miette

cake stands at miette

What the candy table at Miette illustrates is the power of a color palette. Miette designed it with a sea theme in mind but that design also works for the Fourth of July or the Bastille Day party. They even sell the star lollipops in red or ocean blue.

bastille day july 14th parfait dessert

I got this idea from a succulent dessert I ate at l’Apéritif à la Française last Thursday night. They were so delicious that I ate two. You can achieve the color palette through the tableware and the food.

panna cotta by miette

An easy dessert is to serve the classic panna cotta topped with strawberries and blueberries. Glue a star sticker on the jar or tie a ribbon to finish the look.

+ Candy table at Miette
+ Panna cotta at Miette $4- bring back your jar for a $1 refund


Porcelain Tableware by Linda Bloomfield

porcelain cake stands and tableware by linda bloomfield

UK potter Linda Bloomfield creates simple shapes with tactile satin mat glazes and subtly colored interiors. I like her style. Her tableware collection is sold through many art galleries and retailers across Britain. Lucky for us, the US-based retailer Hygge & West, which ships to Canada in top of the Unites States, carries her line.

+ Images via Linda Bloomfield


How to Make Your Own Cupcake Stand

custom cupcake stands

I am writing this post in response to a reader’s question. Jessica B. wanted to know where to get this type of cupcake stand.

I usually ask my cupcake baker to make it. This way, I am sure that the colors are coordinated with the cupcakes. But if you do it yourself, you could start from your party decor and provide a sample of your stand paper and ribbons to the cupcake baker.

These are not hard to do if you have some crafting experience. Cakejournal published a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own cupcake stand. You can be as imaginative as you want. Look at the bold stands produced by Mandotts on Flickr. She is a talented woman with a flair for cupcake and cake decorations.

These stands are for one use only.

+ Cupcake Stand Tutorial by Cakejournal
+ Custom Cupcake Stands by Mandotts


High and Low | Cake Stands and Glass Domes

To achieve a refined look, nothing beats the cake stands. Whatever your budget, you can find one that matches your style. Pastry domes and cake stands are a worthy investment if you like to host parties.

Upscale Versions

juliska Ursula Tea Cake Dome and Pedestal Set :: Isabella Medium Cake Dome and Pedestal Set

Add elegance with any of Juliska’s glass domes and cake stands. Juliska is renowned for its craftsmanship glassware. For a casual chic dinner to a formal dinner, opt for either Ursula Tea Cake Dome and Pedestal Set or the Isabella Medium Cake Dome and Pedestal Set.

On A Budget

cake Stand and glass Dome

The Michelangelo Masterpiece Footed Cake Plate with Cover by Luigi Bormioli is a small indulgence.

For the Thanksgiving brunch, use glass domes to cover pastries, croissants and cheese. Glass domes also have their places in everyday life. To my dislike, my cats still jump on the kitchen surfaces. Clear plastic sheets do not resist the feline curiosity. Therefore, a pair of glass domes is on my Christmas wish list.

For more ideas, read my other posts on the subject:

+ Ursula Tea Cake Dome/Ped. Set by Juliska – $298 USD, dome alone $148, pedestal $150
+ Isabella Md. Cake Dome/Ped. Set by Juliska – $398 USD, dome alone $198, pedestal $200
+ Luigi Bormioli’s Michelangelo Masterpiece Footed Cake Plate with Cover at – $44 USD
+ Glass Domes at Pottery Barn – small $19 USD, medium $29 USD


Colorful Cake Stands at Huset

cake stands by anna kraitz and bengt and lotta at huset

The Anna Kraitz DESERVE cake stands are on sale right now at Huset. The stands are made of porcelain colored green, dark blue, light blue, yellow and brown.

Anna Kraitz did have a little fun in naming its product. The series contains the YOU cup with its WILL saucer, the DESERVE cake plate and the LUST teapot.

Playful Collection

Bengt & Lotta cake stands come in three models: the classic Cake Dish, the 2-Level Serving Tray and the 3-Level Serving Tray. The eye-catching illustrations by Bengt Lindberg and Lotta Glave bring a whimsical touch to the superior quality laminated birch wood cake stand collection from Sweden.

I would opt for the candy or the chocolate pattern. A stool is available in the candy pattern.

Specialized in modern Scandinavian design, Huset is based in Santa Monica, California. I am happy to report that Huset ships their orders worldwide.

+ Anna Kraitz DESERVE cake stand – on sale at $128 USD, reg. $160
+ Anna Kraitz YOU Tea Cup and Saucer – price: $55 USD
+ Bengt & Lotta Cake Dish – price: $85 USD
+ Bengt & Lotta 2-Level Serving Tray – price: $150 USD, $180 for 3-Level
+ Anna Kraitz
+ Bengt & Lotta

ALL occasions GIFT IDEAS

Shopping at Madame de Pompadour in Westmount

french style tableware and home accessories :: madame de pompadour store in westmount

After my radio interview, I went for a shopping trip. Since I wanted to visit Zone, I headed to Westmount. Luckily, I discovered an adorable new store filled with an eclectic mix inspired by French style.

I talked to Danielle, one of the co-owners. The store is the labor of love of two girl friends. We even talked about our respective wedding photographers. It turns out that her wedding photographer trained with my photographer.

My wedding photographer Angela Campanelli opened the trail in Montreal for the updated style in wedding photography. Angela is so busy that she does not update her Web site very often.

What is in the Store?

Opened since May 2008, Madame de Pompadour proposes a small collection of tableware, home accessories, linens and kid clothing. Their catalog is updated frequently.

Madame de Pompadour is the place to find special and tasteful gifts for the hostess. Write down this store for your girl friends’ birthdays or when you are invited to a housewarming party, a baby shower, a bridal shower and a wedding.

I bought the floral yellow and pink picnic quilted blanket shown on the middle row. It is cute and soft. I cannot wait for next week picnics.

I almost grabbed the entire Erasable Ceramic collection. The cheese markers, place cards and the note board deliver a charming and green solution for entertaining in style. The Erasable Ceramic note board is perfect to write down the menu and the rest of the time, it can act as a message board over the counter. Each set is sold for $35 CAD, if I recalled correctly.

You have a good selection of cake stands, all available in two or three sizes. Cake stands make adorable wedding present. Two of my favorite dinnerware brands, Rosanna and Match are featured at Madame of Pompadour.

A little history

Madame de Pompadour symbolizes style. Her taste in architecture and décor is notorious. She was able to influence her time as a main mistress of King Louis XV.

They do not have a Web site yet. So if you wish to add a French accent to your décor or your table, visit

Madame de Pompadour
4910 Sherbrooke Street West, Westmount, QC | p 514.670.6632

Subsequently, I went to Zone. I will report on my finds later.