Fourth of July or the Bastille Day Dessert Table

cake stands at miette

cake stands at miette

What the candy table at Miette illustrates is the power of a color palette. Miette designed it with a sea theme in mind but that design also works for the Fourth of July or the Bastille Day party. They even sell the star lollipops in red or ocean blue.

bastille day july 14th parfait dessert

I got this idea from a succulent dessert I ate at l’Apéritif à la Française last Thursday night. They were so delicious that I ate two. You can achieve the color palette through the tableware and the food.

panna cotta by miette

An easy dessert is to serve the classic panna cotta topped with strawberries and blueberries. Glue a star sticker on the jar or tie a ribbon to finish the look.

+ Candy table at Miette
+ Panna cotta at Miette $4- bring back your jar for a $1 refund

  • Nicole
    April 22, 2012 at 21:02

    OMG!!! These looked so yummy, how can I do the one in the middle???, (layers of red, white and blue) Thanks