Alessi’s Folding Cake Stands: from Anna Gong to Fatman by Marcel Wanders

fatman by marcel wanders :: folding cake stand for alessi

Like many Alessi products, you may not want to hide this cake stand. Marcel Wanders designed the Fatman cake stand for Alessi.  Wanders put a whimsical touch by dressing as a clown the round structure that you see when the three stainless-steel cake platters are folded. I love it! It is fun, beautiful and, as a bonus, it saves space. I might put it on my wishlist for my birthday — which is next month, by the way.

fatman by marcel wanders two-tier formation when unfolded

I read that “Fatman” is a prelude to a new series of products expected from Dutch design master Marcel Wanders that will be based upon the circus and commedia dell’arte (improvised theatre). I am looking forward to see the rest.

anna gogo folding cake stand for alessi
Sourcing: Anna Gong folding cake stand by Alessandro Mendini $270 USD at Yliving

In 2011, Alessi releases an earlier version designed by Alessandro Mendini called Anna Gong. It was Mendini’s tribute to the legendary folding cake stand “art. 898” that was one of Alessi’s best seller for quite some time in the 60s.

+ top photo: Fatman Folding Cake Stand designed by Marcel Wanders for Alessi $340 USD at Yliving

  • Michelle
    April 25, 2013 at 20:23

    I love these stands! Alessi is always just so stylish and practical… perhaps it’s a wee bit pricey but at least you know it will never go out of style!