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Paint Dipped DIY Round-Up

paint dip utensils kitchen diy

Paint-dipped furniture has been making the rounds as a subtle way to embrace the bold and bright color trend. But if you’re not willing to sacrifice a favourite wooden chair or stool for this trend, the technique can be adapted for inexpensive home accessories.

These DIYs prove how easy it is get a custom look with a designer vibe. If you have leftover cans of paint, these use-what-you-have projects are the perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon: transforming unwanted clutter into something beautiful.

paint dip utensils kitchen diy

In The Kitchen

Wooden utensils and mismatched silverware are prime candidates for this technique. If you don’t have any kicking around your kitchen, look for inexpensive options in dollar stores or secondhand shops.

Don’t worry too much about coordinating shades – remember, the goal is to use up your painting leftovers – but try to keep similar tones together, as Erin from House of Earnest did with her wooden utensils. Even neutral shades look cool in a group.

Want to keep all eyes on the table at dinner? Try dipping the handles of a set of silverware in a mega-watt color. Creatively Christy used multiple colors for a fun effect, which is also a clever way to disguise a mismatched set. Planning your next dinner party? Stick with neutral linens and dishes, and use dip-dyed cutlery to dress things up, or coordinate them with your party palette.

paint dip bowl glasses diy

In The Dining Room

Speaking of dinner parties, if gold-rimmed china isn’t in your budget, this cool alternative adds a bit of gilded glam to your table. If you’re feeling super creative, you can make your own porcelain bowl before dipping it with this tutorial on Curbly, though these dishes are better suited for table styling than eating off of.

No one will care that your goblets aren’t crystal thanks to Liz from Say Yes to Hoboken’s creativity. She created this gold version for holiday dinner, but we’re imagining them in the metallic-of-the-moment, copper, or in a summery hue for outdoor entertaining.

paint dip diy flower vase candle holder

Around the House

It’s the little things that make a house a home, and it’s the trendy little accessories that keep your home out of a décor rut. We love these baby food jars-turned-mini vases from Oh Happy Day for a spring shower or birthday, and the way Design Love Fest gave these basic and boring vases an instant upgrade with a dip – make that a spray! – of colour.

wicker basket paint dip martha stewart

We all have more wicker baskets than we’d like to admit. Give these open storage essentials an update with a dip of colour, as shown on White paint freshens their look for a laundry room or bathroom, but they’re easy to imagine on a patio in a sunny yellow, or as toy storage in your child’s favourite colour.

Do you have paint just waiting to be put to use? Will you try this trend?

+ Paint Dipped Wooden Utensils from House of Earnest
+ Colorful Silverware DIY from Creatively Christy
+ Gold-Dipped Bowl DIY from Curbly
+ Gold-Dipped Wine Glass DIY from Say Yes to Hoboken
+ Paint Dipped Mini Vases from Oh Happy Day
+ Color-Dipped Vase DIY from Design Love Fest
+ Dip-Dyed Baskets from Martha Stewart


New Recycled Canvas Baskets and Fabric Gift Bags by Chewing the Cud

spring 2011 collection :: recycled canvas baskets chewing the cud

spring 2011 collection :: recycled canvas baskets chewing the cud

I have a thing for lovely canvas baskets. Awesome fabrics make all the difference. I like the new collection of recycled canvas baskets that Chewing the Cud launched a couple weeks ago at the National Stationery Show in New York City. The baskets are made of 100% recycled, unbleached canvas that are hand-printed with soy-based inks.

fabric gift bags by chewing the cud

Another must-have addition are there Give Bags. They are made from their reusable gift wraps. Chewing the Cud turned their existing line of fabric gift wraps into gift bags of all sizes. As a bonus, the little gift bags come with matching stamp sets. I think that new patterns have been added to their gift wrap collection. If you are into fabric gift wraps, you may wish to revisit my post of furoshiki.

These new items are not yet available from their online catalogue. I hope they will add those items pretty soon. In the meantime, have a peak at their collection with a snapshot of their booth.

national stationery show booth of chewing the cud

+  Fabric gift wraps by Chewing the Cud $16 USD


Avva Felt Breadbasket by Teroforma

Avva Felt Breadbasket for Teraforma

Avva Felt Breadbasket for Teraforma

The husband and wife team Anna & Andrew Hellman relies on an international group of designers and artisans to make thoughtfully designed objects for the table. Their latest creation is the cutest bread basket I came across so far. It is made of felt and it ships flat.

With the holes, I do not think this bread basket is suitable for long storage. My guess is that it is designed more to carry the bread but it is so cute. I feel it looks like a present.

Avva Felt Breadbasket for Teraforma

The assembled version stays upright. It even hold its shape when the front is opened to access what is inside. A bread basket will hold four bagels or a round country bread. It will become available this Spring in soft white, spring green, deep brown and quiet grey. They planned to reveal later an Autumn color collection. The Avva Felt Breadbasket was designed by Josh Jakus of Berkeley, California and it is produced for Teroforma by Buffalo Felt from Buffalo, New York.

+ Avva Felt Breadbasket by Teroforma


Restore Baskets by Designer Mika Tolvanen

muuto restore basket designed by Mika Tolvanen

muuto restore basket designed by Mika Tolvanen

For his baskets, the Finnish designer Mika Tolvanen imagined simple lines. The shape is obtained by covering a soft shelf with polymer felt made from PET bottles. The baskets feel cozy and inviting. They are big enough to store or carry inside your home your favorite magazines, toys or even a small batch of firewood. The Restore baskets for Muuto were launched late fall 2009. It comes in five colors: purple, light grey, dark grey, green, blue.

+ Restore Baskets for Muuto $145 USD
+ Muuto


Cool Picnic Gear for Father’s Day

cool picnicware for father\'s day :: john lewis :: picnic funFather’s Day is the third Sunday from now (June 15th, 2008). I will give you a head start with these tasteful and practical gift ideas for your dad.

Picnic Drinkware

The red and aqua outdoor tumblers, hi-ball glasses, wine glasses and jugs by John Lewis remind me of the hip nautical palette I showed you two weeks ago. I enjoy these gender-neutral festive hues for summer.

Picnic Blankets / Rugs

For lunches on the grass or free summer concerts in the park, a picnic rug comes handy.

I have never seen picnic blankets as fashionable as the John Lewis Ascot Picnic Rug. Very British style!

But dads may prefer the more masculine brown or navy John Lewis Picnic Rug in a Bag. The look is also more casual.

Food Cooking and Carrying

If your dad likes going to the games, here is something to impress his pals. He will be thrilled to receive a Tailgater Grill and Cooler. You can join an optional trolley.

For a vintage look, go for the red tin picnic basket. Discover inside a removable willow tray filled with a painted flask, 2 ceramic plates, 2 mugs, cutlery for 2 including 2 embroidered napkins. It is a no-brainer picnic kit for dad. And mom too! We know that with their busy schedule, parents appreciate things that simplify their life. A picnic basket for 2 will give your parents a chance for a romantic get together.

+ John Lewis Aqua Acrylic Picnicware – price: 1.50 – £10
+ John Lewis Red Acrylic Jug – price: £10
+ Blyton Vintage Picnic Basket for 2 at Picnic Fun – price: $160 USD
+ Vulcan Tailgater Grill and Cooler – price: $145 USD
+ John Lewis Ascot Picnic Rug – price: £50
+ John Lewis Picnic Rug in a Bag – price: £35


Brunch Tableware by C.Quoi

203 bread bag : reb egg basket : oug egg cup by c.quoi

With a name that translates to What is it?, you expect unusual products from C.Quoi. This French design studio offers a feast of whimsical yet practical objects for the home.

C.Quoi produces several objects for the kitchen. I select my favorites for entertaining. Perfect for a brunch, these luxurious items add more than charm and beauty to your tableware.

After reading what makes them so special, I convey that each one will make a one-of-a-kind wedding gift or housewarming gift.

203 Bread Basket by Karine Jollet

203 is a linen bread basket filled with cherry pits. You can warm the bag in the microwave to keep your bread hot. 203 can be closed like a purse to keep your bread fresh or opened for serving. If you are looking for an indulgence, 203 is the bread bag for you.

RBE Egg Basket by Karine Jollet

I really like the modern country style of this unique egg basket. RBE is padded with straw in order to delicately impregnate the eggs with its countryside aroma. I do not know if it works but the idea sounds charming as long as the scent is delicate.

Ouf Egg Cup by Kittypong Wanapinyosak

You probably need practice to elegantly use this Kotibe wood egg cup. Ouf exposes the egg so much that the egg is practically suspended in the air. The concept is to let you decide the angle from which to eat your soft-boiled egg. It is cute but I fear it will be too hard to maneuver on the morning.

Buy online: 203 at dedece+ – price: small $95 / large $125 AUD – sm 48 ? / lg 67 ?
Buy online: RBE egg basket at dedece+ – price: $80 AUD
Buy online: Ouf at dedece+ – price: $27.50 AUD – 15 ?