New Recycled Canvas Baskets and Fabric Gift Bags by Chewing the Cud

spring 2011 collection :: recycled canvas baskets chewing the cud

spring 2011 collection :: recycled canvas baskets chewing the cud

I have a thing for lovely canvas baskets. Awesome fabrics make all the difference. I like the new collection of recycled canvas baskets that Chewing the Cud launched a couple weeks ago at the National Stationery Show in New York City. The baskets are made of 100% recycled, unbleached canvas that are hand-printed with soy-based inks.

fabric gift bags by chewing the cud

Another must-have addition are there Give Bags. They are made from their reusable gift wraps. Chewing the Cud turned their existing line of fabric gift wraps into gift bags of all sizes. As a bonus, the little gift bags come with matching stamp sets. I think that new patterns have been added to their gift wrap collection. If you are into fabric gift wraps, you may wish to revisit my post of furoshiki.

These new items are not yet available from their online catalogue. I hope they will add those items pretty soon. In the meantime, have a peak at their collection with a snapshot of their booth.

national stationery show booth of chewing the cud

+  Fabric gift wraps by Chewing the Cud $16 USD