Brunch Tableware by C.Quoi

203 bread bag : reb egg basket : oug egg cup by c.quoi

With a name that translates to What is it?, you expect unusual products from C.Quoi. This French design studio offers a feast of whimsical yet practical objects for the home.

C.Quoi produces several objects for the kitchen. I select my favorites for entertaining. Perfect for a brunch, these luxurious items add more than charm and beauty to your tableware.

After reading what makes them so special, I convey that each one will make a one-of-a-kind wedding gift or housewarming gift.

203 Bread Basket by Karine Jollet

203 is a linen bread basket filled with cherry pits. You can warm the bag in the microwave to keep your bread hot. 203 can be closed like a purse to keep your bread fresh or opened for serving. If you are looking for an indulgence, 203 is the bread bag for you.

RBE Egg Basket by Karine Jollet

I really like the modern country style of this unique egg basket. RBE is padded with straw in order to delicately impregnate the eggs with its countryside aroma. I do not know if it works but the idea sounds charming as long as the scent is delicate.

Ouf Egg Cup by Kittypong Wanapinyosak

You probably need practice to elegantly use this Kotibe wood egg cup. Ouf exposes the egg so much that the egg is practically suspended in the air. The concept is to let you decide the angle from which to eat your soft-boiled egg. It is cute but I fear it will be too hard to maneuver on the morning.

Buy online: 203 at dedece+ – price: small $95 / large $125 AUD – sm 48 ? / lg 67 ?
Buy online: RBE egg basket at dedece+ – price: $80 AUD
Buy online: Ouf at dedece+ – price: $27.50 AUD – 15 ?

  • Fanfan
    March 16, 2008 at 13:49

    So nice and elegant.

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