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Fun Boys and Girls Duvet Cover Sets

hiccups super hero bedding

hiccups super hero bedding

Young children usually ask for a themed bedroom decor. With the right dosage, you can give them what they want without looking like a kit. The key is to mix and match.

When I design a bedroom, I usually start by finding the main fabric. The duvet cover should be the star of any kids bedroom. The sheets play a supporting role. Go for a duvet cover pattern with several colours since it is easier to accessorize. I mix accessories from other brands or collections to create a unique look.

I discover Hiccups last week on a shopping trip to Simons in Montreal. The duvet covers by this Australian bedding makes it easy to decorate a bedroom because they are quite versatile. Their patterns feature the right dose of themed elements. I love what they do.

For a Little Boy’s Room

hiccups super hero bedding
I’m Super Bedding $95 CAD at Simons 

It was love at first sight when I saw the “I am Super” twin duvet cover. Every little boy dreams to have a super power or to be friend with a super hero. I like that the super hero characters move across a modern cityscape. There are so many colours in the fabric that you can put your twist on it.

For a Little Girl’s Room

Although Hiccups showcases these duvet covers with pink sheets, you are not limited to pink. Even if most little girls do, not every little girl dreams of a pink bedroom. These two patterns gives you options.

hiccups Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood bedding currently on sale at $69.95 CAD at Simons

For toddlers, I like the Little Red Riding Hood theme. Look for forest theme accessories to finish the look. You can go very natural if you prefer more subtle tones.

kas kids abbey magic elephants quilt cover set

From Kas Kids, another Australian bedding company, I love the Abbey Quilt Cover set. You can either go Indian style to enhance the magical elephants or highlight the modern geometric shapes.This means that you could keep the same duvet cover and simply update the accessories to get another look.

bicycle theme bedding

If you are looking for a bargain, this Bicycle in the City theme duvet set is on sale at $29.95 CAD at Simons.

HOME + GARDEN MODERN architecture

Space Saving Designer Tricks

the lair holiday house in tasmania

the lair holiday house in tasmania

Excellent space planning often leads to no waste space in a home. It often requires to think outside the box to found easy to implement solutions. Let’s look at two efficient ways to achieve that goal.

Placing the bedrooms at each end while the open kitchen / living area occupies the middle of the house eliminates the need for a corridor. This is what architect Rick Bzowy did for this superb perched over a hill resort holiday house. Located in Tasmania, this modern architecture house costs $2.5 millions. You can stay at The Lair for $1,100 a night.

Storage Units used as Wall Partition

tall storage units use as a wall partition

Another space saving technique is to delimit the space between two rooms with tall storage units. In a Montreal loft, the owner raised a mid-century bookcase on a platform. Then, they hung full-length drapes at the back of bookcase to add privacy to their guest bedroom.

A full-height storage and display unit separates the dining room from the living room. By keeping the center low, you maintain a visual connection between both rooms.

+ The Lair Holiday House in Tasmania
+ Factory Special from Canadian House and Home – January 2011 issue – photo by Jean Longpré
+ Minimal to the Max from Canadian House and Home – January 2011 issue – photo by Rob Fiocca

FOOD + DRINK FOOD presentation

Three Easy Dinner Recipes from Donna Hay

lemony fish cakes :: recipe by donna hay

lemony fish cakes :: recipe by donna hay

With the Holiday so close, we are all looking for easy and delicious recipes to cook for dinner. I found three recipes on the February 2011 issue of Style at Home.

Lemony fish cakes by Donna Hay can be make with flaked salmon or trout. Serve them fish cakes with mayonnaise or a lightly sweet tartare sauce. Prepare a peppery green salad, serve a soup first and you are all set for a meal that all the family will enjoy.

everyday recipes for dinner on style at home february 2011

The garlic and chili chicken couscous is the type of meal I often serve at home. I like the taste  and the convenience of grilled chicken breasts and couscous. This reminds me that her lemon grilled chicken with almond couscous was the first Donna Hay’s recipe I ever made). The only fresh ingredients that won’t be in your pantry are the chicken breasts, 2 zucchinis and fresh parsley.

I plan to make the caper and crisp pancetta served with baby spinach. It is almost a mix between a pasta dish and salad.

+ Recipes: Style at Home – February 2011 issue
+ Lemony fish cakes photo: William Meppem
+ Other photos: Con Poulos


A little bit of French country

pewter salad servers and nicoise salad bowl

little bit of french country :: espresso cup and spoon

Although I am a modernist, the French Country tableware will always grab my attention. I guess it is the comforting feeling that they carries. Plus, they fit what I eat. What I found at Barrel & Barrow brings a twist on the classic. Take, for example, the Côte Est Espresso cup with its spoon hanging from the handle ($6.95 AUD).

pewter salad servers and nicoise salad bowl

I may be biased because this is my all-time favorite salad, but I would like to put on my table the Niçoise Salad bowl ($19.95 AUD). And this is accounting for that fact that they should have written Salade Niçoise. I can not judge if their recipe is right, which would be the deciding piece of information. But one thing is for sure, this collection is affordable. Even the Pewter Salad Servers are a bargain at $49.95 Australian dollars (about $57 USD).

+ Wheel & Barrel Homewares


Vintage Style Lamps by The Owls Are Hunting

Vintage style Lamps by The Owls Are Hunting

Vintage style Lamps by The Owls Are Hunting

Holly of Decor8 introduced these gorgeous lamps this morning. I love them. They are the creations of a British girl called Jo who now lives in Canberra, Australia.

Jo chronicles her work on a blog. Her company is named The Owls are Hunting. She specializes in handmade, vintage inspired lamps and lampshades. They ship worldwide on request, if you are interested.

+ The Owls are Hunting’s online shop $80-$120


A Cute Retro Milk and Sugar Bottle

make my day retro milk bottle :: milk and sugar serving set

make my day retro milk bottle :: milk and sugar serving set

The Retro Milk Bottle is a new product by the Australian brand Make My Day.  The milk bottle is divided in two parts to create a unique milk and sugar serving set. The bottle part is the sugar container. A silicone lid adds a touch of color to the creamy white ceramic old-fashioned milk bottle. I did not find a retailer in the United States or Canada but there is a distributor in each country.

+ US distributor: The Sarut Group

HOME + GARDEN MODERN architecture

The Tattoo House by Maynard Architects

tattoo house by maynard architects

This project illustrates the versatility of stickers. Out of necessity emerged an awesome way to add character to a two-story house extension. Rules regarding overlooking dictates a 75% opacity for second-story spaces. The gorgeous UV stable stickers simulate a grouping of mature trees. The stickers cost way less than any curtains or screens.

I love it when somebody find an artistic and efficient solution to an every day problem. I am not alone who appreciated their clever solution since they won the Master Builders national award 2008, the Master Builders Victorian award 2008, the best renovations of 2007 of The AGE and made Mocoloco’s top 5 for 2007.

+ photo by Peter Bennetts for Maynard Architects
+ via 2Modern Design Talk and  Acquitectura Arkinetia

FOOD + DRINK FOOD presentation

Donna Hay Brings a Special Touch to Everyday Food

Plating food :: donna hay\'s speacial touch to entertaining

If I had to resume in a few words the work of Donna Hay, I would say: Time-saving and Special Touches. Donna Hay’s philosophy fits very well within my way of life. This is probably why I am a long-time fan.

The current issue, which is not yet available in Canada, will be her Entertaining Issue. While I am looking for it, I browsed her site for great simple plating ideas that you could do at home. Individual serving dishes instantly add a special touch. You probably noticed that they are in vogue.

+ Donna took further the individual serving trend with this simple green salad presentation. To reproduce, collect small juice or water bottles. Make sure the small bottles all look the same since it is the fact that you are repeating a simple object that elevates the look. Pour the dressing in the small bottles. I suggest that you make more dressing than you need because you need to fill about 1/3 of the bottle for the optimal look. If you are against throwing away food, you can serve one bottle per couple or 2 guests.

+ Instead of serving a cheese platter, make a single-serve cheese board for each guest. You could split the cheese plate with its wild fig compote on an original way.

+ Donna Hay


Make your Own Designer Cupcakes with Sweetiepie Cupcake Kits

diy designer cupcake kits by sweetiepie cakes

As a follow up to yesterday’s garden and jungle creatures pancake molds at Williams-Sonoma, I found these no-fuss designer cupcake kits. You will get the upscale look with the satisfaction that you did it yourself. Sadly, they are from an Australian brand called Sweetiepie Cakes.

They currently produce 16 themes from baby showers, kids birthdays, bridal showers, weddings, women have tea partys and more. The kits are not cheap but each kit contains more than the typical cupcake kit.  You get the vanilla cupcake mix, ready-to-use icing, shaped decorations, cupcake wrappers, 2 paper cases for baking, a mini spatula, a round cutter for sugarpaste icing. You only need to supply the kitchen tools and the perishable ingredients.

If the cupcakes are for a hostess gift, you can get Kraft cupcake boxes for 6 with a cute gift wrap tag. Or you can print your own gift tag and use a string to secure the box. They also sell two styles of gift box for individual cupcakes.

+ Sweetiepie Cupcake Kit S42.95 AUD


No Time to Cook for my Gastronomic Wednesday

no time to cook by donna hay

This is a recurring topic lately. I worked too hard and by the time I returned home I do not feel like stopping at he grocery store. Ordering in can do a few times but you want more. Tonight, we ate dinner at 10 pm. But I took the time to prepare a quick and delicious pasta dish with items I always keep in my pantry. Keeping a well-stock pantry is one way to ensure that you cook a home made meal.

Since we need variety, our fast-forward world often calls for recipes that require few ingredients and can be prepared quickly. Besides revolutionizing food photography, Donna Hay came to our rescue by making recipes with less than 6 or 7 ingredients. Her latest book, No Time to Cook simply puts more attention on tricks for saving time.

Since I owned 6 Donna Hay’s cookbooks, I was wondering if I would succumb to her latest cookbook. I do not seem to use the last two I bought. Honestly, the mouth-watering pictures won me over. This layout of the book is her best so far. For that reason alone, I have to own it. At the end of the day, the pictures give me courage to cook when I feel that I have no time to cook.

The book was released last year in Australia. It seems to keep in countries of the Commonwealth since it is available in Canada but the book is not yet published in the United States.

+ For Canadians: No Time to Cook by Donna Hay $23.30 CAD


Weekend Inspirations | Daily Quick Links

key pete :: autralian modern architecture house :: communal breakfast table

This is my daily collection of interesting stuff that I saw on the Web.

+ Key Pete is so cute. Peleg Design imagined this magnetic key holder strong enough to hold 20 keys. It is sold in a package of 6 and it is available in red, blue and green. Stick Key Pete to any magnetic surface. Via Interior Design World

+ I experienced a dreamy moment at the view of an Australian modern architecture home hidden on a hill overlooking a coastal view in Sydney. The house displays a mix of Australian and Japanese sensibilities. Via Dwell Blog

+ I spot that this morning. The communal breakfast table sounds perfect for a weekend. The picture was taken at Areus, a spa and yoga retreat built as an extension of a mid-century ranch in Walla Walla, Washington. Via More Ways to Waste Time

+ I am glad for Janick of Nea {Jewelry and Wall Wear}. Her Wall Wear collection is now available at Fact & Fancy in Brooklyn, New York. Via Creativadoration

+ I will be presenting at PodCamp Montreal on September 20-21, 2008. I will talk about: Beyond the Blog – How to Better Serve the Woman Market Through Social Tools. PodCamp Montreal is 100% free. Places are still available so hurry up to register.