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Space Saving Designer Tricks

the lair holiday house in tasmania

the lair holiday house in tasmania

Excellent space planning often leads to no waste space in a home. It often requires to think outside the box to found easy to implement solutions. Let’s look at two efficient ways to achieve that goal.

Placing the bedrooms at each end while the open kitchen / living area occupies the middle of the house eliminates the need for a corridor. This is what architect Rick Bzowy did for this superb perched over a hill resort holiday house. Located in Tasmania, this modern architecture house costs $2.5 millions. You can stay at The Lair for $1,100 a night.

Storage Units used as Wall Partition

tall storage units use as a wall partition

Another space saving technique is to delimit the space between two rooms with tall storage units. In a Montreal loft, the owner raised a mid-century bookcase on a platform. Then, they hung full-length drapes at the back of bookcase to add privacy to their guest bedroom.

A full-height storage and display unit separates the dining room from the living room. By keeping the center low, you maintain a visual connection between both rooms.

+ The Lair Holiday House in Tasmania
+ Factory Special from Canadian House and Home РJanuary 2011 issue Рphoto by Jean Longpré
+ Minimal to the Max from Canadian House and Home – January 2011 issue – photo by Rob Fiocca