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The Tattoo House by Maynard Architects

tattoo house by maynard architects

This project illustrates the versatility of stickers. Out of necessity emerged an awesome way to add character to a two-story house extension. Rules regarding overlooking dictates a 75% opacity for second-story spaces. The gorgeous UV stable stickers simulate a grouping of mature trees. The stickers cost way less than any curtains or screens.

I love it when somebody find an artistic and efficient solution to an every day problem. I am not alone who appreciated their clever solution since they won the Master Builders national award 2008, the Master Builders Victorian award 2008, the best renovations of 2007 of The AGE and made Mocoloco’s top 5 for 2007.

+ photo by Peter Bennetts for Maynard Architects
+ via 2Modern Design Talk and  Acquitectura Arkinetia

  • Marie Cole
    October 26, 2009 at 17:13

    One word…..WOW!

    Okay, two words, ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! 🙂