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Cute Aprons for the Stylish Cook, Baker or Hostess

aprons for the hostess at anthropologie

aprons by ladelle
Mix, Cook and Serve apron | Bright Kitchen apron – both by Ladelle

I was overdue for an apron showcase. I usually opt for a modern design when I buy an apron that I will wear everyday. I own several since I like to vary my look. Maison Simons (in Montreal and Quebec City) carries some kitchen linens by the Australian brand Ladelle but I did not see these models. The Mix, Cook and Serve is my favorite due to the darker color and large pocket. Simons still sells the Geisha apron by Ladelle that I bought several months ago.

When I host a party, I want to look fabulous in the kitchen. I keep a selection of feminine, vintage style aprons for when I entertain. For those aprons, Anthropologie is my place to shop. Anthropologie always carries a vast selection of fabulous aprons. These three are on my short list to be added to my collection.

aprons for the hostess at anthropologie
Fiammetta Apron $32 | Cuisine Couture Apron $32 | Tea and Crumpets Apron $32 at Anthropologie

What is your favorite apron of the moment?


IceMilk Aprons

icemilk aprons founder

icemilk aprons founder

This story is a  nice follow-up to Mother’s Day since Ashley Leckey Schoenith was inspired by her grandmother’s cooking habits went she founded IceMilk Aprons. You know how much I love aprons and her aprons provide a feminine twist on a minimalist design. They are on my wish list. The big bow adds the right amount of style while the nice décolleté of the full apron makes it appropriate for when you play the hostess.

Whisked Whipping Creme waist apron by icemilk aprons

But if you wish to follow the rule of etiquette, you should wear instead a waist apron when you are the hostess. The IceMilk’s waist aprons have the high waist that is in fashion this year. The Rollings of Cinnamon full apron, that you see on the top picture, is backorder until August 2011 but you can buy the full apron from the Heritage collection with a belt in a different color.

+ Full Apron Heritage collection $85 USD – photo of the founder
+ Whisked Whipping Creme waist apron $55 USD


FAMILY KIDS products

Kids’ Chef Aprons by Beansoup

chef aprons for kids by beansoup

chef aprons for kids by beansoup

One way to foster good eating habits for your kids is to develop their taste buds through cooking. Plus, it allows parents to pass time with their kids. You will make it more special and fun if they wear a chef’s apron. Beansoup specializes in kids aprons.

The aprons are available in two sizes: for toddlers (2-5 yrs old) and for children (5-9 yrs old). The choice of patterns is awesome. Beansoup makes their aprons from machine washable 100% cotton. They are reinforced with double stitched binding.

Update: Just learned on Twitter that you can get 25% off right now if you enter BACK2SCHOOL at checkout.

+ Chef’s apron for kids by Beansoup $24 USD


Housewarming Gift Ideas for the Cook and the Hostess

gift ideas for cooks hostess :: housewarming gift ideas

Cooking is enjoyed by both men and women. It is not that rare to see couples who enjoy cooking together. For them, it may be more appropriate to use gender neutral kitchen linen. One collection that is elegantly simple is Fog Linen Work available at DWR and other selected retailers across the States and in Canada.

Japanese designer Yumiko Sekine uses raw linen from Lithuania to create, what I feel, are timeless products. One exception is the brown leather pot holder. So if you have friends who just moved in a new house, grap a garcon apron and a cafe aprons or wrap a few place mats with napkins. Sekine says that her Pot Cover keeps her teapot warm for 30 minutes but results may vary with your own teapot.

You can also buy them nice carafes. My favorite ones are the affordable Vaso Carafe and the sleek Black Glass Pitcher with his gorgeous seamless matte finish. The shape of the Vaso carafes could come handy if you do a Mad Scientist Halloween party.

Remember that you get 15% off the regular price at Design Within Reach until October 13th, 2009. I noted below the regular price.

+ Fog Linen Napkin $14 USD
+ Fog Linen Place Mat $16
+ Fog Linen Garcon Apron $70
+ Fog Linen Cafe Apron $55
+ Fog Linen Leather Pot Holder $24
+ Fog Linen Pot Cover $46
+ Vaso Carafe med $25 large $38


Hand-Made Half- Aprons for the Hostess or Gardening | Etsy Finds

la marquise des anges gardening half-aprons :: hostess gifts :: mother\'s day gift ideas

These are stylish housewares essentials. They make a perfect gift for Mother’s Day or to bring to the hostess this summer. I particularly like the level of details on the green saperlipopette model.

A French woman created these half-aprons. She sells them on etsy. Her atelier celebrates on a modern way the charms of the French country style. Her design are cute and fun. She also make tea towels, notebooks with the same patterns.

You can read her blog (it’s written in English). Her blog is filled with beautiful pictures.

+ saperlipopette gardening half apron $32 USD
+ macaron half apron $32 USD


Cute and stylish baby shower ideas

blue and red apron : flip flops : cocktail napkin holder : baby shower gift ideas

Instead of a design mood board, I composed one around potential gift ideas. I will tell you all about why these items have baby shower written all over them.


You probably know by now that I adore aprons. And with a new baby, the mother needs more than one for years to come. It is not because you have a baby that you should stop being fashionable. Since you have less time for yourself, it is better to protect your clothes while you are running your daily errands in the house. For example, when you start to give solid food to your baby, the apron protects your clothes up to a certain point.

This Cherry Tart Chef Apron is from an etsy’s seller called BellaBeeDesigns. A hostess version was also available; I just bought it. Every Bella Bee’s apron is handmade with designer fabrics that are 100% pre-washed cotton fabrics. She used designers like Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry. These aprons are created to withstand many years (even generations) of use and washings.

One special attention of Bella Bee is the recipe that comes with her beautifully packaged apron. Matching potholders, tea towels, totes, handbags and a few baby bibs complete her collection.

Cocktail Napkin Holder

For a dash of retro, go for this Brown Pineapple Cocktail Napkin Holder available at To Bee Named. When you do not have a party, you can put inside hand towels or use as a tray for small baby items.

Flip Flops

Because you want an uncomplicated, comfortable shoe to walk around the house, get the Expecting in Style Flip Flops by Bonnie’s StylePress to the mother-to-be. Theses flip flops have a sculpted arch for added support. Other illustrations are available.


Because no baby showers should be held with a proper invitation, I went shopping at Tiny Prints. I selected a new addition to their line, the gender neutral yellow Teddy Shower. Cute and cheerful!

Anything can be the inspiration for a party décor. One way to assure that the gifts go together is to consult each other or to give a wide enough theme to everyone.

Buy online: Cherry Tart Chef Apron by Bella Bee Designs – price: $45 USD
Buy online: Brown Pineapple Cocktail Napkin Holder – price: $21 USD
Buy online: Blue Expecting in Style Flip Flops by Bonnie’s StylePress – price: $29.95 USD
Buy online: Yellow Teddy Shower at Tiny Prints – price: $31.25 USD for 25 invites


The 3 blog links of the week – 2007.09.09 edition

Imedagoze : Poppy Talk :: Toasts and Table blog

This week I added a challenge to my weekly column. I decided that the posts of the week must share a common theme. A little bit like a mini inspiration board for a party theme. I liked the experience so much that I will repeat the experience as long as I can.

My first mini board is for a retro chic baking party with your girlfriends. When you plan an event, why not integrate a few activities? For example, organize a baking class in a cooking studio followed by a cocktail party.

1 | Imedagoze for Tools you bake

Who could guess that these elegant cake shapes come from vintage tool molds? These aluminium baking tins are manufactured by German metal goods manufacturer Hugo Bra?uer. I dig Tools you bake on Imedagoze blog. Imedagoze is the playground of a mother of two from Singapore who has great admiration for the creators behind every beautiful and creative thing.

2 | Poppy Talk for Lucky

I spot these vintage kitchen canisters through the blog of a Canadian fellow. Poppy Talk is basically a craft and art blog promoting emerging design talent. Unfortunately, these canisters are a picture taken from a Flickr member. So you need to be Lucky if you want to bring them home.

3 | Toasts and Table for Kitchen Kouture: Aprons strings tie me to my past

You already know that I am an avid collector of aprons. Sarah from Toasts and Table compiled a list of old fashioned aprons in Kitchen Kouture: Aprons strings tie me to my past. I added my favorite looks to her list.

With all the rage surrounding this brand, it is fair to say that Jessie Steele is the source for retro-chic hostess aprons and feminine vintage aprons. This shot of the perfect cocktail hostess exhibits the key ingredients of the party theme I am suggesting here. On the other hand, many of your girlfriends will envy your Needle Art Apron from Anthropologie. With so much beautiful models, it is hard to choose just one.

Learn more: Web site of Tools you bake
Buy online: Web site of Jessie Steele
Buy online: Needle Art Apron available at Anthropologie – starts at $24.00 USD


An exercise in mixing and matching patterns with Anthropologie

bird in hand aprons, cake stand, bowls and plates at Anthropologie

This exercise started with one of the gorgeous aprons available at Anthropologie. I spoke before about the art of mix and match. I decided to put my rules in action starting with the sky blue and red Bird-In-Hand Apron.

By simply coordinating patterns I created an inspiration board for a bridal shower, a dessert event or a lady tea party. I did not only mix patterns, I also combined styles and cultures.

The key elements that unite my board

The first key element is the red and blue color palette. The second one is the flower garden theme.

Because the flowers are quite present in the tableware, flower arrangements become unnecessary. Display fruits or vegetables instead. A bouquet made of artichokes will complement the whole scheme. You can go with yellow or orange nutriments if you prefer a cheerful mood.

Harmonizing food and decor

If you want to serve an unpretentious stylish salad, think outside the box. Take a look at the Brussels Sprouts 3 by Laura Calder from French Food at Home TV series. It is easy to make and absolutely delicious. Brussels sprouts would harmonize well with the artichoke centerpiece idea.

For dishing up the food, try to emphasis the floral and curvy shapes. It can be done through the way you are displaying the food in the serving plates or the way you plate the food itself. One great example is the flower look of the salmon and chill hors d’oeuvre assembled in shooter glasses by Couture Cuisine & Event Artistry.

Brussels Sprouts 3 by Laura Calder from French Food at Home TV series at

The floral and curvy shapes can be achieved through the use of cylindrical containers. Anyone can make individual cones with fine paper of coordinating colors. The next time you throw a casual party, feel free to toss cashews, dessert bite-size pieces, caramelized popcorns or French fries in homemade paper cones.

Which are the items that I picked at Anthropologie?

The Asian Inside out bowl collection cleverly mingles snowflakes, stripes, diamonds, fiddlehead ferns and daisies. Serving bowls are available. The Bjorne Fruit dishtowel is livelier that the rest. A potholder, oven mitt, full sized apron and half-apron compose the Bird-In-Hand product line.

The Apple blossom cake stand exhibits crimson butterflies flit among delicate Wedgwood blue branches. To pair with the cake stand, I selected Bluebell from the Parfumerie dessert plate set. The salad plate from the Melon Flower dinnerware line completes my board.

Buy online: Full aprons at Anthropologie
Buy online: Plates, bowls and cups at Anthropologie
Recipe: Brussels Sprouts 3 by Laura Calder from French Food at Home TV series at


Artsy placemats and aprons on sale at LU Prints

Leafy Placemats : Leafy Apron : Geese Apron by LU Prints

While you are shopping at LU Prints, take advantage of the reduced prices through July 15th, or while supplies last!

I suggest you take a look at the set of 4 Leafy Placemats on sale at $16, the Leafy Apron on sale at $25 and my favorite, the Geese Apron. The Leafy is slighty shorter than the Geese Apron.

LU Prints creates beautifully crafted waist aprons and kitchen linens. All their textiles are hand screen-printed patterns.

The characteristics of a good entertaining apron

I suggest you wear a waist apron instead of a full size apron when you are throwing a party.

First of all, waist aprons look more fashionable because we can see your top outfit. Secondly, your apron will not appear on lots of photos. So, you will get the impression that you spend more time hanging out with for your guests.

The simple design of LU Prints aprons do not take away anything from your outfit. That is something to consider when you wear an apron at a party.

Why every hostess needs several entertaining aprons?

It is best to not wear your entertaining aprons everyday. Your apron should look fresh and new for your guests. The best hostess keeps a few entertaining aprons on her closet. Aprons are not an expansive item, so you can afford to get several.

You want to get different styles and patterns so you can complement what you wear. After a while, you recycle your entertaining aprons for everyday usage.

Made it easy for you: stock up a few hostess gifts

If you want to be invited to lots of parties, keep on reserve a few hostess gifts for unexpected invitations. You can wrap them in advance. This way you look like the perfect guests and you did not have to run.

LU Prints kitchen collection includes artsy napkins and tea towels with patterns as lovely as the shown placemats and aprons.

Any host will be delighted if you show up at their party with LU Prints artsy placemats, napkins or an attractive apron. But this does not exclude the idea of keeping one for you.

About LU Prints

LU is the first name initial of its two founders. Graphic designer Lisa Komuro and screen printer Ulla Clark come from Pemberton, British Columbia.

Founded in 2006, LU Prints strives to create fun and fresh linens and clothing for modern everyday living. Their 2007 Spring/Summer Collection is inspired by nature.

Link: Web site of LU Prints
Buy online: Kitchen collection at LU Prints online shop


Any hostess needs at least one tasteful apron

I have a love affair with aprons since I started to cook in my teens. But finding a good looking one is a hard task. My love affair with aprons is well known fact. My brother gave me one or two aprons over the years for Christmas or my birthday. He even got me a practical gardening apron that I use when I planting my flower boxes.

I discover domistyle long time ago in a newsletter. I fall in love with their funky aprons right away. Two young women started domistyle out of unfulfilled desires. Like me, Jessica and Vanessa did not find in stores aprons that were cool enough for a stylish hostess. They create two lines for women in 2003. Since them, they add a fun collection for kids.

Called Fresh and Funky, their two collections are best described with the words sleek, sophisticated, feminine and fun. Canadian and US retailers are listed on their web site. The aprons are sold for $39 CAD, the mini-aprons are at $32 and the kid aprons at $30.

You can add a free embroidered message by shopping at some of the online stores listed on the home page. The happy modernist in me selected the funky dots pattern just like it is. I played the Gourmet Goddess with an organic flair by wearing the clean flower design of my Baby Blue Mocha apron.

Aprons for Kids

The mini apron collection brings even more of your feminine side to the table. Perfect for when you entertaining intimate dinners. Some are a shorter version of the Fresh and Funky collections. For a girlie girl, I suggest the Meshy Mini. It is a delicate see-through mesh bib with dainty pink bows and a pink ribbon binding.

These funky aprons have been featured by Style at Home, Elle, House & Home, Lucky and Wish Magazines, Designer Guys, Metro, National Post, Now, Toronto Star,, and the Toronto Sun.

Link: domistyle web site