Artsy placemats and aprons on sale at LU Prints

Leafy Placemats : Leafy Apron : Geese Apron by LU Prints

While you are shopping at LU Prints, take advantage of the reduced prices through July 15th, or while supplies last!

I suggest you take a look at the set of 4 Leafy Placemats on sale at $16, the Leafy Apron on sale at $25 and my favorite, the Geese Apron. The Leafy is slighty shorter than the Geese Apron.

LU Prints creates beautifully crafted waist aprons and kitchen linens. All their textiles are hand screen-printed patterns.

The characteristics of a good entertaining apron

I suggest you wear a waist apron instead of a full size apron when you are throwing a party.

First of all, waist aprons look more fashionable because we can see your top outfit. Secondly, your apron will not appear on lots of photos. So, you will get the impression that you spend more time hanging out with for your guests.

The simple design of LU Prints aprons do not take away anything from your outfit. That is something to consider when you wear an apron at a party.

Why every hostess needs several entertaining aprons?

It is best to not wear your entertaining aprons everyday. Your apron should look fresh and new for your guests. The best hostess keeps a few entertaining aprons on her closet. Aprons are not an expansive item, so you can afford to get several.

You want to get different styles and patterns so you can complement what you wear. After a while, you recycle your entertaining aprons for everyday usage.

Made it easy for you: stock up a few hostess gifts

If you want to be invited to lots of parties, keep on reserve a few hostess gifts for unexpected invitations. You can wrap them in advance. This way you look like the perfect guests and you did not have to run.

LU Prints kitchen collection includes artsy napkins and tea towels with patterns as lovely as the shown placemats and aprons.

Any host will be delighted if you show up at their party with LU Prints artsy placemats, napkins or an attractive apron. But this does not exclude the idea of keeping one for you.

About LU Prints

LU is the first name initial of its two founders. Graphic designer Lisa Komuro and screen printer Ulla Clark come from Pemberton, British Columbia.

Founded in 2006, LU Prints strives to create fun and fresh linens and clothing for modern everyday living. Their 2007 Spring/Summer Collection is inspired by nature.

Link: Web site of LU Prints
Buy online: Kitchen collection at LU Prints online shop

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