The 3 blog links of the week – 2007.09.09 edition

Imedagoze : Poppy Talk :: Toasts and Table blog

This week I added a challenge to my weekly column. I decided that the posts of the week must share a common theme. A little bit like a mini inspiration board for a party theme. I liked the experience so much that I will repeat the experience as long as I can.

My first mini board is for a retro chic baking party with your girlfriends. When you plan an event, why not integrate a few activities? For example, organize a baking class in a cooking studio followed by a cocktail party.

1 | Imedagoze for Tools you bake

Who could guess that these elegant cake shapes come from vintage tool molds? These aluminium baking tins are manufactured by German metal goods manufacturer Hugo Bra?uer. I dig Tools you bake on Imedagoze blog. Imedagoze is the playground of a mother of two from Singapore who has great admiration for the creators behind every beautiful and creative thing.

2 | Poppy Talk for Lucky

I spot these vintage kitchen canisters through the blog of a Canadian fellow. Poppy Talk is basically a craft and art blog promoting emerging design talent. Unfortunately, these canisters are a picture taken from a Flickr member. So you need to be Lucky if you want to bring them home.

3 | Toasts and Table for Kitchen Kouture: Aprons strings tie me to my past

You already know that I am an avid collector of aprons. Sarah from Toasts and Table compiled a list of old fashioned aprons in Kitchen Kouture: Aprons strings tie me to my past. I added my favorite looks to her list.

With all the rage surrounding this brand, it is fair to say that Jessie Steele is the source for retro-chic hostess aprons and feminine vintage aprons. This shot of the perfect cocktail hostess exhibits the key ingredients of the party theme I am suggesting here. On the other hand, many of your girlfriends will envy your Needle Art Apron from Anthropologie. With so much beautiful models, it is hard to choose just one.

Learn more: Web site of Tools you bake
Buy online: Web site of Jessie Steele
Buy online: Needle Art Apron available at Anthropologie – starts at $24.00 USD

  • imelda
    September 10, 2007 at 02:18

    Hi Kim:

    What a great blog you have!! I’m adding your blog to my link list now. 🙂 And thank you for the kind mention.