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Office Desk Accessories: three styles

shop by color

shop by color
photo credits: Poppin

A beautifully styled desk makes me more productive because I feel better and more energized. Plus, it helps me release my creativity. I found that desk accessories make all the difference. They can transform the mood of your home office area. I propose you three ways to do that.

Shop by Color

aqua tape dispenser and pen holder
sourcing: Aqua Tape Dispenser $12 and Pen Cup $6 at Poppin

If your design is based on one color, make a stop at Poppin where you can shop by color. Their glossy plastic desk accessories will brighten your day. They also sell office furniture in the same color palette.

Go Vintage / Old Technology

Poulain Tape Dispenser
sourcing: Poulain Tape Dispenser $24 USD at Anthropologie

After the rebirth of the vintage typewriters as a wonderful decor element, we now see plenty of accessories designed around the vintage cameras, radios or TV. I like this mix of old with new technology.

mini it
sourcing: Mini It $5 USD at Connect Design

Moss Studios vintage camera bookends
photo credits: Vintage Cameras bookends by Moss Studios at Anthropologie – no longer available 

To reproduce this style, get inspired by the handmade Vintage Cameras bookends by Moss Studios or the Mini It. Do not limit yourself to desk accessories, you can use also art prints and illustrations to create this look. The Mini It is an old TV stand that can be used a mini post-it dispenser or a photo frame.

Quirky and Fun Items

Specialists say that humor, surprises, and anything that clears your mind enable you not only to relax but to solve a problem that was difficult. This is why it might be good to put on your desk accessories that are out of the ordinary.

besom holder
sourcing: Besom Holder $68 USD at Anthropologie


My Place: I Want One or Two Knitted Poufs

knitted pouf living room

Every year, I feel the same when the cold weather arrives. I want to fill my home with a warmth feeling. I crave for knitted throw and wool. Add to this, the fact that my son just started to crawl and you will understand my appeal for one or two knitted poufs. They are comfy as an occasional seat or a footrest. Plus, they do not take a lot of floor space. Finally, the soft edge of poufs made them safe and fun to play with for my baby. Continue Reading


Bringing Fun to Your Home Office

Happy face stampler

Happy face stampler

One thing that is great about an home office is that you can accessorize it with beautiful supplies instead of the standard office supplies. Feel free to add a touch of fashion, love or humor to your home office space. Here are a few office supplies that will cheer you up when you are working.

Fun Staplers

fun stapler and sticky notes

Stampler adds a smiley faces stamp around your staples. You might not be able to use it for your business report but it would bring joy to family documents. If you are looking for a more practical stapler, have a look at the dog stapler.

Mod Desk Accessories

Jonathan Adler Task Clips and pencils

Another avenue that you can take starts with these cute Spectacle Sticky Notes that can complement the bold patterns of the desk accessories collection by Jonathan Alder. I like his task clips, pencils and magnetic board.

+ Stampler by Suck UK $22 USD at Shopmodi
+ Dog Stapler $10 USD at See Jane Work
+ Spectacle Sticky Note Assortment $8 USD at See Jane Work
+ Jonathan Adler Task Clips $10.50 USD at See Jane Work



I like my Cool Feet

cool feet by bluelounge

cool feet by bluelounge

I must confess that it took me one year to install them on my MacBook Pro. I decided to put on the Cool Feet on Monday because the fan started more than usual. I am glad I did.

I did not test if the Cool Feet really keeps my laptop cooler ; although the fan starts less. But the reason I like it is comfort. I found that my typing position is more comfortable. I also sit in a better position on my office chair. Since I hook my laptop to a large monitor, it gives my neck a rest to raise the laptop on an angle.

Cool Feet by Bluelounge $12.95 USD


Color Ball Accessories Cheer Up Your Home | High and Low

 multi color ball and sunburst wall clocks :: eames hang it all :: saturnus magazine rack

If you cannot splurge in the mid-century iconic clock by George Nelson or the Eames Hang-It-All coat rack, UK retailers Heal’s sells a Saturnus magazine rack and a coat rack. The Saturnus coat rack looks so so but maybe it is the picture. They are not as sophisticated as the iconic pieces but at that price we will not complain.

Closer to home, I spot the Sunburst Multi-Color Wall Clock. I think it is cute. I may buy it for our office. There is also the Orbit wall clock, a copycat of the Nelson clock. I am not a fan of reproduction but I thought you should know.

Color Blocking Home Décor Trend

color blocking furniture :: stack drawers :: hue armchair :: swag leg desk

I spotted the Saturnus magazine rack while reading about the color-blocking trend on the February 2009 edition of Living etc. The current look stays away of the primary shades. You do not want to reproduce the Mondrian color blocks.

Use it to bring life to your space. You can simply paint the walls or furniture, customize your curtains or use color blocking on accent pieces. The Stack drawer tower unit is build by stacking multi-colored floating drawers. It is a clever design.

+ Multi Colored Ball Clock by George Nelson on sale at $268 USD at DRW
+ Eames Hang-It-All $179 USD
+ Sunburst Multi-Color Wall Clock $39.95 USD
+ Saturnus Magazine Rack £39.15
+ Stack drawers designed by Shay Alkalay for Established & Sons 8 drawers, green multi-color £1763
+ image of Donna Wilson’s Hue Armchair at SCP
+ Swag Leg Desk by George Nelson for Herman Miller $1899 USD


Home Office on a Budget | Daily Quick Links 2009.01.05

home office on a budget

+ If you dream of a George Nelson’s Swag Leg desk for less, check out the swoop desk at CB2. At $329 USD instead of $1800, you will have money left to accessorize your home in style. Via Apartment Therapy New York

+ Equip yourself with the walnut waste can and the walnut desk accessories, exclusively at CB2. $24.99 to $39.99 USD

+ Monika, who is trying out for a spot on the AT:San Francisco editorial team shows us how to make our own magazine files. Also measure that it fits on your shelves. Before you start this DIY project, measure the sizes of all your magazines. The key to a stunning bookcase or collection is repeats. She produced a magazine file template that is wider, taller and deeper than store-bought. The Nickel Plated File Card Holders with Finger Pulls can be found at Paxton Hardware ($0.56 each).

Special Discount for At Home with Kim Vallee’s readers

+ One of our advertisers decide to give a break to AHWKV readers. For the entire month of January, Poster Cartel offers a special discount only for you. Use the code KV40 at checkout to benefit from 40% off on everything on their site. With the savings, it would not cost a lot to decorate your home.


More Steals on Glamorous Mirrors

My latest guest post for Style Sheet, the design blog of HGTV Canada is a Splurge Vs Steal post. I selected the iconic Stardust mirror since it is an amazing home accessory. I dug two more glamorous mirrors that did not make my short list.

kenneth wingard sunburst mirror

The First one is the fabulous Sunburst mirror designed by Kenneth Wingard. Look how great these modern fisheye mirrors look next to traditional furniture.

 antiqued gold convex round mirror at Tanyas gifts and gallery

The Convex Round Mirror frame exhibits a heavily, antiqued gold leaf finish. This is one of stylish mirrors available at this unique product assortment shop, located in the heart of Toronto.

Go check the glamorous mirrors that made my cut on Style Sheet and do not be shy to leave your impressions.

guest post on style sheet :: splurge vs steal glamorous mirrors

+ Kenneth Wingard Small Sunburst Wall Mirror – $209 USD at All Modern
+ Sunburst Large Mirror – $460 USD at Kenneth Wingard
+ Convex Round Mirror – $299 CAD at Tanyas Gifts and Gallery


Stylish Yet Witty Bookends

cool bookends :: clity slickers :: reading sophisticates :: growing together wall shelf with tube vases

These are the proof that bookends do not have to be boring. The bookend sets are definitively out of the ordinary. They would bring style and a theatrical sense of humor in your home décor.

City Slickers Bookends position the three figurines dressed with blazers and caps to give the illusion that they are walking through the books. Reading Sophisticates feature an urban chic man and a woman, each absorbed in their book. It is good to know that Wrapables offers volume discount on bookends.

Chris Collicott designed a leaning version and a pushing version of his bookend men. They exhibit an art deco influence.

The wall shelf neatly hold books, magazines and CDs. On the side, three tube vases let you display a single flower or colorful pebbles. The couple figurines are engaged in gardening. Any of these would make an amazing housewarming gift.

+ City Slickers Bookends – $ 71.95 USD
+ Reading Sophisticates Bookends – $59.95 USD
+ Growing Together Shelf with Tube Vases – $82.95 USD
+ Bookend Men – $41.95 USD for set of 2


Stuck on You Wall Hooks

Stuck on You Wall Hooks by Thelermont Hupton

Here is a party decor for a murder mystery party or a Halloween party that will still be useful after the party.

To suggest a kitchen crime scene, install the Stuck on You Wall Hooks. London design team Thelermont Hupton created in 2006 these hooks to hang your kitchen linens.

Measuring the actual size of utensils, the hooks can take the shape of a knife, a rolling pin or a saucepan.

Each model is available in white, red or black. Since they are sold separately, you can display the scene the way you like. Stuck on You Wall Hooks are quirky and eye-catching.

+ Stuck on You Wall Hooks at A+R – $32 USD per knife or rolling pin, $42 saucepan


7 Cool Desk Accessories

desk accessories :: filex :: cavanelli clothespins and clips :: recycled bindersI received my FILEX Emma by International Arrivals this week. It looks even better for real. This inspired to go on a quest to find the coolest desk accessories.

I cannot guarantee any of those will stimulate you to work harder but I know you will feel joyful if you surround your desk with cute and whimsical office supplies.

Be Kind to the Earth

Grass Roots is a good source. I found a mini blue box that fits in the palm of your hand and recycled binders there.

Did you know that you could repurpose the ring metals affixed with two screws and t-nuts instead of putting them in the trashcan when the corrugated cardboard binders are too worn?

For Organization

Besides the FILEX folders, the Task clips are pretty cool. You can get the Utility Clips (Do, File, Send, Read), the Timing Clips (Now, Tomorrow, This Week, Someday), and the Importance Task Clips (Urgent, Important, Can Wait, Trivial).

Give a future business owner the Decision Kit to get her or him started in the new role. Cavanelli puts in tin boxes two office essentials: paper clips and mini clothespins. Use the clothespins to display photos, postcards or brochures along a string.

+ FILEX folders at International Arrivals – $6.95 USD for 6 files
+ Cavallini Can o’ Clips at Vickery – $5.50 USD for box of 24 mini clothespins
+ Cavallini Clipiola Italian Paper Clips at Vickery– $7.50 USD for box of 125
+ Recycled Binders at Grass Roots – $6.99 USD
+ Mini Blue Box at Grass Roots – $2.50 USD
+ Utility Task Bins at Knock Knock – $9 USD
+ Decision Kit at Knock Knock – $21 USD


Nicolette Brunklaus’ City of Life 2008 collection

city of life and house of anne collection by nicolette brunklaus

From her Amsterdam design studio, Nicolette Brunklaus created an even more amazing 2008 collection than her previous ones. Her products are conversation pieces.

Nicolette Brunklaus played with a housewares theme this time. The House of Anne photos, shown in the middle, bring a homey feeling.

The City of Life line is diverse as you can see. The old world pewter jars and mugs are available in 6 colors.

Where to Buy?

The line is available across Scandinavia. Mekavi has already confirmed that it carries many items from the City of Life collection.

I have no words if the Boston retailer Lekker will carry the new collection by Nicolette Brunklaus. They are still carrying the Shady Tree Collection.

+ Nicolette Brunklaus
+ Bring natural harmony to your home
Via Bloesem and Copenhagen Collage