Editorial Policy on Samples

Merchants MUST USE the form at the bottom of this page to let me know about their products or announcements. Beware that I will delete, at my own discretion, any comments that I feel are unsolicited advertising by brands or merchants. If you want to reach my readers or host a giveaway, send me an inquire about my advertising opportunities.

When it fits my editorial schedule, I ACCEPT INVITATIONS to media events or RECEIVE FREE SAMPLES to validate the quality of a product. I don’t return samples to the company. The fact that I attended an event or received a sample never guarantees coverage on At Home with Kim Vallee. There is no guarantee whatsoever that I will write a post, share on Facebook or tweet about a sample I received or an event that I attended — even if we like it. If I write about it, I will inform our readers that I received something from you and it will be done when it fits my editorial agenda.

Due to time constraint, I don’t respond to every submission or invitation that I received.