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FAMILY, KIDS rooms | May 2, 2013 | by Kim Vallee

Five City Life Wallpaper and Decals for a Little Boy Room

city wall decals french bull

Now that my son is a toddler who expresses his like and taste, I started to decorate his room around him. They are already three drawings on the walls that I used for teaching the primary colors to my son. He enjoys this little moment which it why I’m thinking to add more wall decor [...]

FAMILY, KIDS rooms | April 29, 2013 | by Kim Vallee

Ultra Modern Reading Nooks in the Playroom and by a Kid’s Desk

black and white nursery and playroom

photo credits: HGTV – design by Randy Weinstein This is more than a post about one iconic chair and four looks that were inspired by it. It is a quick lesson about chic and fun ways for decorating the playroom in your home. Yes, these kids rooms share the bubble chair by Eero Aarnio as a decor [...]

FAMILY, KIDS rooms | February 21, 2013 | by Kim Vallee

Things that Work: The Fatboy Original for a Child Bedroom

play area in toddler's bedroom

One Sunday morning, my husband suggested that we went shopping for a Fatboy for our son. At the time, Zack was 1 and a half years old. I initially wanted to get him a Fatboy Junior but when we arrived at the store, I saw that I could get a free Point (the footrest/stool) with [...]

FAMILY, KIDS rooms | January 9, 2013 | by Kim Vallee

Circle Time Mats and Tiptoe Rugs

circle time mats

photo credits: Tiptoe Rugs Tiptoe Rugs is a brand new collection of children’s rugs and custom rug possibilities from Alyssa McMurter, the woman behind AliStar. McMurter created a line of awesome 100% Merino wool felt rugs for children. I love her Circle Time mats, which comes as circle and square mats. The Circle Time mats are obviously perfect for [...]


June 28, 2012 | by Kim

Mood Board: From a Nursery to a Toddler Boy...

mood board for a toddler boy bedroom

My son will be 16 months old next week. I can’t believe how time flies. He becomes a little boy more and [...]


June 20, 2012 | by Kim

Fun Boys and Girls Duvet Cover Sets

hiccups super hero bedding

Young children usually ask for a themed bedroom decor. With the right dosage, you can give them what they want without looking [...]


May 23, 2012 | by Kim

gleePEEPS collection by Polkaros

gleepeeps pouffes

As soon as I laid my eyes on the totem made of gleePEEPS pouffes, I was hooked. I want the gleePEEPS pouffes and character bolster [...]

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April 4, 2012 | by Kim

Liberty of London Fabric Garlands Made in...

les triplettes garlands

This morning I had breakfast with Sophie Manessiez Guinet, the co-founder of and Les Triplettes and the other panelists to prepare our e-Commerce [...]

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February 17, 2012 | by Kim

Personalized Wall Art Prints for a Nursery or...

personalized wall arts

Here is a new source that I discovered on Twitter for alphabet wall art prints. This is from a Canadian Fellow. Grace [...]

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February 9, 2012 | by Kim

Meet Duck Harry, which is Not a Rubber Ducky

duck harry

Don’t be fooled by what you see at first sight. I was thrilled when I thought that they modernized the rubber duck [...]

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February 1, 2012 | by Heather

DIY Kid’s Climbing Wall

diy climbing wall kids indoor

If cabin fever has your kids climbing the walls, this cool DIY might be just what they need to make it through [...]


January 30, 2012 | by Heather

Modern Mobiles from Puka Puka

mobile modern nursery colorful

Art doesn’t need to hang on the wall to impact your space, and these handcrafted mobiles from Australia’s Puka Puka Design are [...]

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