Things that Work: The Fatboy Original for a Child Bedroom

play area in toddler's bedroom

One Sunday morning, my husband suggested that we went shopping for a Fatboy for our son. At the time, Zack was 1 and a half years old. I initially wanted to get him a Fatboy Junior but when we arrived at the store, I saw that I could get a free Point (the footrest/stool) with any purchase of the Original. That promotion sold me since I was dreaming of a footrest every time I need to comfort him late at night.

fatboy original as bed for sleepovers

The Fatboy Original has been a fun and practical addition to his bedroom play area. Last week, I found another use for it. We were the babysitters of a toddler girl. As we started to make room for the travel toddler bed, the obvious solution jumped at us. The Fatboy Original is big enough to be a comfortable bed for a preschooler. I’m glad! It feels good to know that I will save space and money on sleepover arrangements by relying on his Fatboy for several years.

zack plush

About this series
I feel better about my purchases when I am able to give them a longer lifetime. A simple example is how I integrated some of my son’s first birthday garland into his bedroom decor.

Things that works is a series where I share things that I have for a while, and that would top my shopping list if I had to do it again.