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Office Desks for Two

office desk for two

desk for two :: as seen as merry mishap

A challenge for couples who live in a small spaces is the office. They often lack the space to put two desks. Since most people nowadays rely only on their laptops, an easy solution is a single long desk where you sit side by side. I scoured the Web and discovered 3 potential solutions for you.

One option is to custom built your desk. This is easy since what you basically need is a work surface and legs. You can find a wood desktop at a home improvement store or lumber store; they will cut it to your specifications. Then, simply apply 4 coats of a water-based wood finish like the Varathane Diamond Wood Finish. Ikea’s VIKA MOLIDEN legs will give you a similar look and feel.

desk for two

Or you may be lucky enough to find a tabletop that fits like a glove. This was the case of  the next couple. They simply had to assemble a 78″ tabletop and five VIKA FURUSUND legs that they bought at Ikea. As you can see there is plenty of space to put two iMac with big monitors.

besta burs desk combination

The last solution is the BESTÅ BURS desk or if you want some upper cabinet, the BESTÅ BURS workstation, also from Ikea.

+ Chalkboard DIY from A Merry Mishap
+ A Desk Transformation on Apartment Therapy – photo by Meg Lewis
+ VIKA MOLIDEN legs $15 CAD | At Ikea USA $15 USD
+ VIKA FURUSUND legs $10 CAD | At Ikea USA $10 USD
+ BESTÅ BURS desk from Ikea $299 CAD | At Ikea USA $249 USD
+ BESTÅ BURS desk combination $449 CAD | BESTÅ BURS workstation $349 USD


Industrial Office Small Storage Solutions

wall office storage

wall office storage

Wall office storage saves space and keep everything at reach. But you need a system if you do not want to look messy. You can either buy a ready-to-install wall storage system or create your own from everyday items. Like I said on on my blog column last month, wire-frame baskets are popular right now.

Look at what photographer Candice Stringham assembled a practical wall storage with baskets she found at Pedlars and white bins from IKEA that she enhanced with font stickers. I do not think that IKEA still carries them. The larger ASKER container might be an option or look for similar bins at a local shop.

industrial wall storage used in the kitchen

I like the look of the Industrial wall storage by the Danish company House Doctor. It is made of aluminum. It can also be practical in the kitchen.

Unusual Pen Holders

pen holders from every day objects

Another worthy idea is to repurpose vintage every day items as pen holders. What seems to be a wire-framed industrial light protector becomes a great support for pencils. This is also by House Doctor DK. Finally, Three Potato Four suggested to reclaim a Mexican wooden sugar cone mold to store your pens, pencils, scissors, and other office supplies.

+ Office/studio/art supply closet of Candice Stringham Photography – via PoppyTalk
Industrial wall storage by House Doctor DK £169.99 at Bodie andFou
+ Small Mexican Sugar Cane Mold $26 USD at Three Potato Four
+ Large Mexican Sugar Cane Mold $42 USD


DIY Chalkboard Paper Calendar

chalkboard contact paper calendar diy

chalkboard contact paper calendar diy

If you love the functionality of chalkboard paint, but aren’t willing to commit to an entire wall, chalkboard contact paper is an inexpensive and versatile alternative. Just peel off the backing, or use sticky tack, to adhere it to the wall.

Over at, the contact paper was cut into squares and cleverly arranged as a calendar. It’s a perfect solution to keep your schedule in sight.

chalkboard contact paper calendar

More Ideas

Have a busy family you’re trying to keep tabs on? Use the contact paper to create a message center. Trace a silhouette of each family member to give everyone a personalized place to exchange messages, weekly activities and to-do lists.

You can also cut out simple shapes and mount them in your child’s room. They’ll do double-duty as wall decor and a creativity station.

+ DIY: Chalkboard Wall Calendar tutorial at
+ Chalkboard Contact Paper $13.99 USD at [affiliate link]


Paper Source’s Note Cubes and Pads for Spring

note cubes with spring and summer patterns

note cubes with spring and summer patterns

I have a thing for note cubes and note pads with a magnet on the back. I used them all the time. I am always on the look up for great design. Although it snows all day, I began my search for Spring patterns.

magnets and notepad with spring patterns

I am in awe with the Bicycle  and the Daisy collection at Paper Source. I so wish that they operate a Canadian store at this moment. I am afraid of the delivery fees from US due to the weight of cubes.

+ Bicycle Note Cube $16.95 USD at Paper Source
+ Daisy Note Cube $16.95 USD at Paper Source
+ Daisy Recipe Box $13.50 USD
+ Daisy Collection Magnets $15.95 USD for a set of 10
+ Bicycle Magnet Notepad $6.95 USD


New Uses for Old Things | Kitchen Gadgets in the Office

desk organization kitchen tools

desk organization kitchen tools

Nothing gives new life to seemingly out-of-date kitchen gadgets than a change of scenery. I spotted these creative office organizing solutions via Better Homes and Gardens and can’t wait to put them to use.

Though it may be past its prime in the kitchen, a roughed-up muffin tin is the perfect desk drawer catch-all for office essentials like paper clips and stamps. Try it in a chest of drawers to keep jewelry untangled, or in the drawer of night table to stash relic tubes of lip balm and lotion.

And though egg cups may only find their way to your dining table once (or less) a year, you can put them to work every day decluttering your desk top. If you don’t already have some in your cupboard, you can find inexpensive vintage options at thrift stores. Treasured teacups would also be a pretty solution for small stationery items.

+ 19 Home Office Solutions from Better Homes & Gardens


Desktop Storage from Present and Correct | Etsy Finds

A paper clip here, a rogue row of staples or collection of pens there: your desk can quickly become a cluttered scene of office supply odds-and-ends.

Which is why I love this all-in-one tower of miniature drawers from London-based online paper goods and design shop Present & Correct. The drawers are the perfect size to collect small office must-haves with built-in vertical vessels for taller items like pens, pencils and scissors. It packs a lot of organizational punch in a compact size, leaving plenty of space on your desk to actually do some work.

homework leather pencil case

Present and Correct also operates a sister site where they sell their own cards, notebooks, rubber stamps, labels and this educational leather pencil case.

+ Red Desk Drawers from Present and Correct, £45.00
+ Homework Leather Pencil Case by presentandcorrect on Etsy, $31.50 USD


What to Look For in a Small Home Office Desk?

my home office

my home office

I always had a long rectangular office desk before. I decided when I planned our renovation that, as a new mom, it would be more practical to have my office on our open space main floor. This way, the kitchen will be nearby to cook dinner and the baby would have plenty of space to play, bounce or sleep close to me. Even without the kid, I adore my new office space. It is really more practical.

Key Features to Look For

The challenge was to find a stylish desk that would fit in a 47-inch wall. And it needed to look great since it is located on an open area, juts next to the living room.

I was delightful when my husband told me that he was given me as a pregnancy gift a mid-century icon desk. He knew that I admire the design of Nelson Swag Leg Desk. This desk is not just a pretty face. I am still surprised by its well-thought storage spaces.  Even with its minimal storage compartment, I am able to keep everything that I need on a daily basis. I connect my laptop to a 23-inch monitor. Therefore, a raised shelf is a must for me. I found out that since the Swag Leg desk is more deep (28.5 inches) than many home office desks, my laptop screen does not block the monitor like my old rectangular desk used to do.

Getting Rid of Cable Cluster

studiodesk by bluelounge

I partially solved the typical cable by buying the Compact Surge Protector from Belkin. It is not perfect but it is way better than with an ordinary surge protector. Does the solution can come from the desk itself? BlueLounge thinks so. They designed a desk that provides a clutter free working environment while you stay connected to all your peripherals.

studiodesk cable storage compartment

StudioDesk by BlueLounge has a sliding storage compartment where you can hide and plug surge protector bars, AC adapters, USB hubs, external hard drives, routers, chargers, and even a MacMini server along with the many accompanying cables. This way,a single cable will exit your desk to reach the wall power socket. An elongated slot across the width of the desktop allows the necessary peripheral & power cables to enter/exit at any point, thereby keeping the desktop clear of clutter. I think this is a brilliant concept.

studiodesk elongated slot for cables

I still prefer my Swag Leg desk, especially since the StudioDesk does not have a raised shelf. But if you are looking for an office desk with a more affordable price tag, you can take look at the StudioDesk to see if it is for you.

+ Nelson Swag Leg Desk for Herman Miller $1849 USD at Desgin Within Reach
+ StudioDesk by BlueLounge $599 USD


Chalkboard Calendar Wall Decals

diy weekly calendar by pinch design

diy weekly calendar by pinch design

Having a calendar always open in front of you with your to-do list helps you better manage your time. Because we are talking about things to do, you need a method to easy reassign your priorities. This is why I like the idea of mixing a chalkboard with post-it paper.

People wither keep nearby a weekly or monthly calendar. You could write on a post-it the things that can be reallocated to another day since moving a post-it is easy. Write in chalk what you must do by a specific date. At the end of the month or week, plan the next one.

Using chalkboard wall decals or art work allows you to reuse the same support over and over. I particularly like this DIY weekly calendar featured on Ohdeedoh last year (top picture).

chalkboard calendar decals by scribble on everything

Scribble on Everything makes a weekly chalkboard decal set that is available in 2 sizes. It comes with a pack of dustless chalk and an extra space for taking notes.

ferm living's chalkboard calendar stickers

Ferm Living makes a perpetual monthly Calendar Wall Sticker set. Their set comes with post-it. The day numbers are written on the stickers. Instead of moving around the day number, you could write what day it is. The mural measures 39 inch (100 cm) in width.

+ DIY Weekly Calendar on Ohdeedoh
+ Weekly chalkboard decal set by Scribble on Everything – small $36, large $65 USD
+ Ferm Living’s Calendar Wall Sticker $125 USD


I like my Cool Feet

cool feet by bluelounge

cool feet by bluelounge

I must confess that it took me one year to install them on my MacBook Pro. I decided to put on the Cool Feet on Monday because the fan started more than usual. I am glad I did.

I did not test if the Cool Feet really keeps my laptop cooler ; although the fan starts less. But the reason I like it is comfort. I found that my typing position is more comfortable. I also sit in a better position on my office chair. Since I hook my laptop to a large monitor, it gives my neck a rest to raise the laptop on an angle.

Cool Feet by Bluelounge $12.95 USD


Inspired by Red and Blue Pencils

pretty red and blue pencils at postal press

pretty red and blue pencils at postal press

It feels great to surround us with beautiful office supplies. Take for example these pretty pencils. You can read on the red pencil “I Heart Mail” while the blue pencil says “Just a Little Note”. They inspire me to put down on paper what I wish to accomplish for 2010. Just the sight of them may be enough to release my creativity and trigger new brainstorming ideas.

+ Pretty Pencils at Postal Press $5 USD for 3


Style in the Home Office

home sweet home office by Jodi of our haus

It is not the first time that I mentioned that your home office can have more panache and feels more comfortable than a corporate office. With many home offices resting in a mezzanine or open space, style is a must not an option. But if you work from home, your office should also be efficient.

Graphic designer Jodi Vautrin of Our Haus certainly understood all these imperatives. Look at her gorgeous home office. Jodi infused a sense of style while keeping close what she needs to work. I totally agree with her on the fact that clutter looks neater when you use multiples of the same desktop storage boxes.

Select storage boxes, files and binders in vibrant colors to cheer up the space. Think outside the box when you hit a constant. See how Jodi took advantage on an awkward stair in her loft office. Get storage boxes, files and binders in vibrant colors to cheer up the space. Make it a place where you feel good.

For more inspirations and clever tips, read what Jodi had to say about her home sweet home office on Our Haus. By the way, I published this morning  a sure way to keep your inbox empty on my social media blog. If you have a full inbox, it is a must read.

+ photos by Our Haus
+ via Apartment Therapy LA