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ENTERTAINING, PARTY ideas + decor | June 14, 2012 | by Kim Vallee

Micheals Arrival to Quebec Starts with a Search for a Creative Ambassador

michaels quebec contest judges photo

Ah no! Taken at a moment where I relaxed my smile.  Today, I am happy to talk about the latest social media campaign where I am involved as a judge. Michaels, the North America’s largest specialty retailer of arts and craft, is finally opening stores in Quebec. Michaels does it large with the opening of 7 stores [...]

ENTERTAINING, PARTY ideas + decor | April 24, 2012 | by Kim Vallee

Yuri’s Night in Montreal

hoop danse with yuri's night banner

Two weeks ago I attended the fifth edition of Yuri’s Night in Montreal. This is a party to commemorate the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin. The party was organized by my artist friend Bettina Forget. I must say that she raised the bar this year. The theme was spaceport. We had to fill an online [...]

ENTERTAINING, PARTY ideas + decor | April 13, 2012 | by Kim Vallee

Party Must-Have: Confetti Bunting by Engel

confetti bunting

I am pretty sure that if you hang these retro fabric confetti buntings, they would be a hit with your party guests as much as the giant balloons of two weeks ago. Since they seem to only be available in The Netherlands and in United Kindgom, you may consider making your own with your fabric leftovers. SOURCING: [...]

ENTERTAINING, PARTY ideas + decor | March 30, 2012 | by Kim Vallee

Party Must-Have: The Giant Round Balloons Decorated by Geronimo Balloons

geronimo party ballons stylish

Balloons are often a must at birthdays and big parties. The ones from Geronimo Ballons stand up for two reasons: first, Jihan “Jihanimo” Zencirli only uses 36-inch perfectly round ballons and second, it is how she uniquely decorated each one with fancy frill. They are made to order. Hand-cut fine paper, fringe, long trail of [...]


March 3, 2012 | by Kim

Dinner Party Ideas: The Making of a...

moroccan-inspired dinner table mood board

Ethnic cuisine is still the most popular dinner party theme. People likes it because it is easy to organize and get the [...]


November 9, 2011 | by Kim

Deck the Walls with Umbra Snap Frames

deck the walls

Here is a fun party activity or decor that you can use over and over. You could use the Umbra Snap frames [...]


October 11, 2011 | by Kim

Sleeping Under The Tent Vignette

Oh To Dream Bedding

I am not into quilt bedding. I am aware that quilts are experiencing a revival thanks to more modern designs, but quilt [...]


June 27, 2011 | by Kim

Little Box Man Party Theme and Activities

crossing the log by Anton Tang

Admiring these beautiful artistic pictures featuring a little box man gave me the idea for an awesome way to entertain the kids [...]

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June 21, 2011 | by Heather

Shower Them With An Ice Cream Party

ice cream sundae bar vintage outdoor party shower

Not only is today the official start of summer, it’s the official start of shower season, when busy bridal parties fête the [...]

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May 13, 2011 | by Heather

Party Supplies from Acme Party Box Company

acme party box cottage floral tablescape

Parties are all fun and games until it comes time for clean up. Worse still is the pang of guilt when you [...]

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April 28, 2011 | by Heather

Book Exchange Party by Reid Girls Handmade

book exchange party invite table decor

If you’re the kind of person who has a hard time parting with books, you’ll love this idea spotted at Reid Girls [...]


February 23, 2011 | by Kim

A Round-Up of Oscar Party Ideas

Oscar nominee envelope napkin for a red and gold tabletop

If you are hosting an Oscar Party this year, here are some ideas that will make your event more special. You could [...]

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