Little Box Man Party Theme and Activities

crossing the log by Anton Tang

Admiring these beautiful artistic pictures featuring a little box man gave me the idea for an awesome way to entertain the kids at a party or during summer. First of all, if you are wondering where you can buy them, it is available at the Japanese site of Amazon. Called Danboard, the box men are available in two sizes: 80mm (3 inches) and 130mm (5 inches).

robot box man photos by Alexander Gorshkov

If you feel up to the challenge, you could try to make your own. And then, teach the kids how to do it. I like this craft idea because it is creative and original. It is also an activity that is suitable for girls and boys.

little box man pulling a rose

You will need to supply the kids with tiny boxes, wires, strings, glue, paint, crayons and scissors. Prepare a few photo shoot sets ahead of time. Also bring some props to let the kids improvise. You can hire a photographer or ask a couple friends who are very good with the camera to take pictures. Plan some time at the end of the party to watch a slideshow of the best creations.

little box man :: Alexander Gorshkov Photography

If the kids are older, you could plan a photo tour across your neighborhood. For inspirations on the type of places or the props that you should look for, I invite you to browse the awesome photo galleries of two photographers: Alexander Gorshkov (All About Danboard) and Anton Tang. Both blogs are pure eye candy.

+ photos: Anton Tang
+ photos: All About Danboard