Party Must-Have: Confetti Bunting by Engel

confetti bunting

confetti bunting

I am pretty sure that if you hang these retro fabric confetti buntings, they would be a hit with your party guests as much as the giant balloons of two weeks ago.

Since they seem to only be available in The Netherlands and in United Kindgom, you may consider making your own with your fabric leftovers.

Confetti Bunting € 16,50 at Engel
+ Confetti Bunting £18 at The Balcony Gardener

  • Rye @Event Intelligence
    April 19, 2012 at 18:03

    I think I may have found a good use for all the left over fabric my mother has. I am seriously wondering why I never thought about it before but this is simple yet ingenious…and eco-friendly too!