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Last minute gift ideas at Ceramik B


If you are looking for innovative handmade ceramic serving ware, plates and bowls and you are in the Montreal area this Saturday, try to stop by the workshop of Basma Osama.

I met Basma last week end at the Souk @ SAT and bought a few pieces. Her dishes are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Her workshop is usually only open on appointment but she will have an open house from noon to 5pm this Saturday, December 22.

She a talented artist and her dishes can be used several ways. Basma even plans gift set to simplify your shopping.

Ceramik B
5500 Fullum, Suite 210
p  514.651.0902


Twice in the news today

Le TVA 17 heures

I had an eventful day which is why I did not publish a post earlier. This will wait until tomorrow because I had to finish wrapping all my gifts before we head off for our Holiday resort.

This morning

I was interviewed about two weeks ago by a journalist from the Journal de Montreal, the most popular daily newspaper in Quebec. Jessica Nadeau was writing about party etiquette. A photograph came and took my picture at the office.

The article was published this morning. See here what Wikipedia says about Le Journal de Montreal.

This afternoon

Then, just before noon, I got a phone call from a researcher of Le TVA 17 heures, a popular news TV show. They discovered me by reading the article this morning. She asked some questions and if I would be willing to be on the show around 17:30 for a 3 minutes live interview with Pierre Bruneau.

It was my first time experience on a major TV show. I was interviewed once in the past on TV but for a show on a small TV channel. TVA is by far the premier TV channel in Quebec. The good think is that I liked the experience and have a good idea of how to improve my performance next time.

Finally, they asked me to film at a location where I could set up a table (it is great that I stocked tableware props at home).

My husband Jerome took a video of the preparations while the cameraman was filming the teaser. I will go through the process in another post.

It was an eventful day for sure. My Christmas shopping is completed and wrapped. So I can go eat dinner now.


Four Christmas gift ideas from the Supermarket

plantorb : egg pants :: cuckoo clock :: blackbirds baby changin pad at supermarket

Located in Brooklyn, New York, Supermarket is a cool market place that connects designers with consumers.

If you are looking for a special gift to complete your Holiday shopping, browse their catalogue. I compile a fun wish list to speed up your shopping.

A hanging vase

To give you a head start, I made a list of four fun and practical products. The first one is a white ceramic orb hang with a long woven sisal cord called Plantorb. Sold under her own brand called Perch!, Amy Adams designed the cutest vase to grow your own herbs in the kitchen.

Cute Egg Cups

Created by Design Glut, Egg Pants is a cute duo of egg cups. Made with a ceramic lookalike material that is soft and flexible, Egg Pants perfectly fit around any egg. If you friends are not familiar with egg cups, at least you can brag that Egg Pants made the front page of the New York Times last week.

Modern Cuckoo clock

If you are looking for a charming little gift, a glance Cuckoo Clock by Decoylab will convince you. This wall hanging clock with an image of cuckoo clock look adorable. Give it to someone who likes a whimsical touch in their home décor.

Baby changing pad

Deadly Squire is not a name that naturally comes to mind for baby products but again their products do not share the usual baby look either. So if you have a friend who is expecting, give her the Blackbirds baby changing pad. It is made of 100% cotton, quilted changing pad and will neither bored the parents nor the baby.

Buy online: Plantorb at Supermarket – price: $104
Buy online: Egg Pants at Supermarket – price: $20 USD for a set of 2
Buy online: Lime Cuckoo Clock at Supermarket – price: $ 28 USD
Buy online: Baby changing pad, Blackbirds at Supermarket – price: $20 USD
Learn more: Retailers carrying Perch!
Learn more: Retailers carrying Design Glut


Stylish eco-friendly chandeliers from Propellor Design

caluino : galiano : stratus by

Since a stylish dining room pendant is a must for entertaining, it is best to take the time to find the right lighting fixture to finish up a room design. For the dramatic effect you are after, have a look at the impressive collection from Propellor Design.

And if you wish to be kind to the planet, the new releases from this talented design studio located in Vancouver, BC combine beauty, originality and sustainability.


Open spaces called for the need of harmonizing fixtures. Sometimes, you wish a unified look. And you bring variations through dimensions and shapes.

To tailor your lights to the space, mix the Caluino chandelier, a grouping of seven bamboo pendants with a walnut oil finish with any of the Furrow pendants (sedin, parkade or traverse). Repeat as needed.


Whether you prefer the appeal of reclaimed Douglas Fir seen on the Galiano with the hanging branch is up to you. No one would argue because the Galiano pendants look amazing. The Arbutus twig is not just decorative since it acts as the pull switch.

Stratus and Culumus

For a magical atmosphere, opt for the eco-resin ceiling mounted chandelier called Stratus. That design can complement many room styles. If you prefer when the light sits lower, have a peek at the Cumulus.

Propellor Design is a multidisciplinary design studio specializing in custom lighting, furniture and interiors. All their light fixtures house low voltage compact fluorescent bulbs.

Buy online: Galiano Pendant Light by Propellor Design at Supermarket – price: $318 USD
Buy online: Galiano Slim Pendant Light by Propellor Design at Supermarket – price: $260 USD
Learn more: Web site of Propellor Design
Via: Apartment Therapy San Francisco


Stylish front door decorations for the Holidays | DIY

I promised you a Holiday craft project to decorate your front store. Watch my video for clues on how to make your own bunch of baubles. This was based on a concept featured on the December 2007 issue of Living etc.

More tips on how to craft your own hanging baubles composition

hanging baubles at my front door

  • It seems natural that everything hangs from a central point. First, I clustered a few large and small baubles on top of my middle ornament. Before your begin, make sure your central ornament has a ribbon long enough to hang all the groups.
  • This design called for a tight composition. Small baubles work wonderfully as fillers.
  • I like to play with the contrasts in dimensions, shapes and shines.
  • Even if I went for an almost monochromatic red and pink combination, the festive look was achieved with the addition of punch colors. Orange and green balls cheered up my composition.
  • Ask someone to hold the baubles while you are building your creation. Otherwise, use a towel bar or a clothes hanger to hold it in place while you are assembling.
  • Fishing lines were used for crowding together balls with the traditional hook and to place the ornament bunches at different heights.
  • I braided satin ribbons to make a silky rope. Another option is a fancy cord available at any great textile store.

Like I said on my video, be crafty and welcome your guests in style this Holiday.

+ Christmas decorations | 3 blogs and a mood board – 2007.12.10 edition


Christmas DIY decorations | 3 blogs and a mood board – 2007.12.17 edition

Toasts and Tables :: More Ways to Waste Time :: Apartment Therapy New York

If you do not know about this weekly column, let me explain. I feature 3 stories from the blogosphere based on a set of rules. First, the stories have 7 days old or less, and my board must inspire a party theme or share a common theme. This week, it is about DIY Holiday decorative projects.

1 | Toasts and Tables

This easy to make bauble ornament is one of many ideas featured on THINK PINK (and green) for a Christmas tablesetting by Toasts and Tables.

Give a new life to a cheese dome by housing a bunch of baubles. Display it on a buffet table, a credence, the entrance and even as a centerpiece for your Christmas dinner party.

2 | More Ways to Waste Time

You can learn How to Make a Snowflakes-and-Oranges Window Hanging if you read the blog of Leah Hennen, a home-design junkie from Oakland, California. In a previous issue, the team of Donna Hay Magazine told us to plan a knitting party. Now More Ways to Waste Time presented about a

beautiful assemblage of crocheted snowflakes, yarn pom-poms, and dried oranges hung from a gently gnarled tree branch.

3 | Apartment Therapy New York

Learn how to make this Bird-Friendly Flower Box by watching a video and by reading complementing tips. This cute outdoor arrangement is made with just four small bundles of seasonal branches and a few pine cones. Thanks to Matt of Apartment Therapy New York for bringing this story.


The Making of my Holiday Tablescapes – part 1


My husband and I always take some time off during the Holidays to enjoy time with the family. We typically entertain at the cottage. The merry surroundings, the relax atmosphere and the ski slopes attract everyone year after year. Obviously, I dress up the table every night.

To supply fresh content to my blog, I decided to create two distinct looks this year. You will see them developing gradually. Today is about the starting props.

Winter wonderland

The main theme (bottom picture) celebrates northern wildlife during winter. My inspiration came from two adorable props that I already owned:

  • the small stump’s birch bark cachepot set and
  • the Acrylic Ornaments box set by FERM Living with their cute squirrels.

Mixed with pines cones and miniature trees, this design has ski cottages written all over it.

Country baroque

My secondary theme draws on another huge trend this year, the baroque style. But I am doing it with a twist.

My event location has a Swiss cottage architecture backbone with an up-to-date wood kitchen. I can wait to show you I am combining both styles.

As the week progresses, I will reveal more items.

Buy online: Acrylic Ornaments by FERM Living – price: $27 USD for a box of 12


In the next issues

front door bunch of baubles by Living etc

I ran several errands today and it took longer than expected. Since it is late, I will present you my editorial program for the upcoming weeks instead of my scheduled post.

I am working on exciting stories. One story explains tips and tricks to take better photos at parties. I will post more videos, including the fabulous meal I ate at Europea Restaurant two nights ago.

I went shopping and bought fabulous baubles, invisible glue, tubes of sprinkles and jewelry pearls to design my own front door bunch, like the bunch of baubles published on the UK magazine Living etc. that I introduced last Monday. I probably have enough decorations to design two or three different styles.

I am also designing my Holiday dinner party centerpieces. I will show you a teaser with a how-to guide. But you will need to wait until my party to see the entire tablescape. If things go according to plan, I will design more than one scheme.

So stay tuned! The rest of the year promises to be fun.

Until then, I am going to join my husband and play Super Mario Galaxy before we go to bed. I am finishing a busy week,which included writing for another publication, so this break is welcomed.

Photo credit: Living etc – December 2007 issue


The best Christmas ornaments from Côté Maison’s compilation

4 christmas ornaments

Decorating with unusual Christmas baubles and ornaments elevate the simplest design. The key element is to bring character to your space.

I spot those stylish ornaments on Côté Maison, a French magazine. Even though the sources are retail stores only available in France I am showing them to you because they are a feast for the eyes.

The range of styles is diverse from a wooden ball covered with snow to Goose, a feather baroque style balls available at Habitat. If you spot a US or a Canadian store that carries a wooden ball similar to this one, I will be glad if you inform me. It would complement the Christmas tabletop I am designing for this year party.

Modern Mix displays the crown pattern. I noticed more and more crown prints lately on items from baubles to cups, plates up to decorative home accessories.

The last item is a simple Scandinavian tree ornament from Ikea called the ISIG bird.

Via: Un Noël sans perdre la boule! sur Côté Maison


7 mod holiday cards

7 cards for the Holidays

If you enjoy winter sports, hot chocolate and retro modern design, these Holiday cards are probably for you. I like those because they look out of the ordinary.

From Binth

  • Seasons Greetings displays a skier – price: $17.50 USD for 6 / $4.25 each
  • Peace, Love & Joy is a bi-fold panoramic card with a modern winter wonderland print – price: $18 USD for 6 / $4.75 each

From Hello Lucky

From Bonnie’s Style Press

From Fabulous Stationery

  • Mod Homestead is reminiscence of the mid-century architecture – price: $45 USD for 25 cards

From Kates Paperie

From MoMA store

  • Winter Skaters, designed by Keisuke Unosawa – price: $17.95 for 8 cards

More Christmas card suggestions

You might be interested to know that Kelly of Design Crush posted today her favorite Round Up: Christmas Cards. It may be handy if you are still looking for the perfect cards.