Visit at the Edo-Tokyo Museum

edo-tokyo museum's big bicycle wheel

edo-tokyo museum\'s big bicycle wheel

Since our arrival in Japan, the weather is not great: very cold for this time of the year and rainy. Therefore, we opted for an indoor activity yesterday afternoon. We visited the permanent exhibit at Edo-Tokyo museum that explores when Tokugawa Ieyasu first built Edo, (renamed Tokyo at meiji Era) in 1590 up to the Edo-Tokyo area. It covers 400 years history.

The exhibit relies on original exhibits, scale models and panels to depict how people used to live in Edo.

textile merchants at edo-tokyo museum

The museum covers every aspect of everyday life: from food, commerce to housing, childbirth and parenting. Many 3D models reproduce scenes and the plan of different ares of the city. It is a nice place to visit if you are in Tokyo.

festival and life in the city of edo-tokyo museum

As a bonus, I attended a short class of furoshiki (wrapping cloth). I will share the videos in a day or two.