Turkey Roasting 101

turkey roasting tips

Preparing a perfectly browned bird can be a daunting task even for a “seasoned” cook. After all, most of us only do it a few times a year.

Last week I confessed that I’ve never roasted a turkey, which made me determined to find the ultimate collection of tips and how-to for others who may be facing a similar challenge this holiday season. Most popular magazine and cooking websites have their own guides and suggestions, but nothing compared to the resources compiled at Epicurious.

This awesome guide – just one of many in their “How To Cook” series – includes step-by-step instructions plus video tutorials for the entire process, from choosing the perfect type and size of turkey to cleaning, trussing and carving the bird. For a flavorful and moist bird, see what you can accomplish with butter rubs, flavor injections, brining or dry herbs rubs. Plus, you will get all the facts to determine whether you want to roast with or without stuffing.

I’ll definitely be studying as I countdown to Christmas dinner.

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