The story behind the making of my Status Competition

status competition : facebook application by Jerome Paradis and Kim Vallee The second self-promotional post of the day. Do not worry, it will not become an habit!

Besides being an entertaining expert, some of you may know that I am a geek. And I proud to announce that the first public Facebook application developed by my husband Jerome Paradis and I has been approved. Our Facebook application is called Status Competition.

Status Competition is an application that enables you to stay connected with your friends. We invited some friends to play before the official launch. The responses have been quite positive. We already had some reviews by bloggers. 

We even have friends who challenged themselves and entered into a sprint of Status Competition voting. I was astounded by the scores they achieved. Be warned, playing Status Competition can become addictive. I would be sad if you miss my daily posts. 

How do you play Status Competition?

If you participate in Facebook, you probably noticed how quickly the words get around when you write something on your Status Update. Personally, I like updating my status several times a day. This way, I inform my friends about what is going with my day.

Status Competition makes the most of the human social behaviors. When your friends vote on your status update, you know instantly that they read it. You vote by simply clicking on a feeling or an emotion. When you received a vote, you know how your friends feel about what you had to say. And you cannot underestimate the reciprocal power of voting. What is best is that you get points to do all that. You can become the best scorer of your group of friends.

My secret to rise at the top of the leader board

Vote for a few friends first. Then invite your friends to participate into a friendly Status Competition so they can vote for you. Play regularly. Try Status Competition and see how fun it is!

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