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    Five City Life Wallpaper and Decals for a Little Boy Room

    city wall decals french bull

    Now that my son is a toddler who expresses his like and taste, I started to decorate his room around him. They are already three drawings on the walls that I used for teaching the primary colors to my son. He enjoys this little moment which it why I’m thinking to add more wall decor to stimulate him.

    Since my son says Beep Beep! so often, I am leaning towards a city life theme with cars and buildings. French Bull makes a wonderful wall decal set with colorful cars, buildings, streets, and outdoor elements. Besides the work load, the advantage of using wall decals, instead of a wallpaper, is that you let your imagination and the wall space dictate what it looks like at the end. Continue Reading

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    FAMILY KIDS rooms

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