3 Looks Inspired by Harlequin’s Patterns

pretty in pink lush wallpaper and lalika textiles by harlequin

tempo collection harlequin with a hint of retro style

It is an art to know how to mix patterns that fit together without looking like a matching set. This is why I appreciate companies that make it easy for everybody. One of those companies is Harlequin, a UK wallpaper and textile manufacturer. They create collections that make you look brilliant. Take the Temp collection for example. They mix a large orange poppy print with cream and black circle drapes.

pretty in pink lush wallpaper and lalika textiles by harlequin

I am not a pink girl. Look at how sophisticated these pink rooms are. They use dark brown or the nice gold to bring elegance. These pink decorated rooms feel timeless.

azara and azita patterns :: textiles by harlequin

The bedroom is certainly more matching than the rest. Still there is enough differenced on the many patterns to make the whole interesting. The look is pretty eclectic. You get traditional French style furniture mixed with patterns with Persian and Indian influences.

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  • SamLaTricoteuse
    March 23, 2010 at 10:16

    Love Amy Butler for mixing floral patterns and geometrical as well !!!