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    New Uses for Old Things: Wooden Boxes …and Tips for a Rustic Meal

    storage made of wooden boxes

    storage made of wooden boxes
    Photo: Wooden Box Service Stations at Clyde Common via Remodelista

    Each fall, I crave for cosy space and comfort food. There is a design lesson to take home from the service stations at Clyde Common, a Portland restaurant located at the Ace Hotel. You could replicate their design to organize your pantry, your linen closet, or to create storage in your craft room or your kids’ playroom.

    Laid-Back Food Presentation

    serving steaks on a wood cutting boards
    all food photos by David Reamer for Clyde Common

    After reading their story on Remodelista, I was curious to see how Clyde Common interprets the European style tavern. I wanted to see how it differs from what is happening here in Montreal. This led me to food presentation that you can steal for your next fall or winter dinner party.

    family style at the table

    Even though I am a stylish girl, I appreciate the laid-back feeling of food being served on cocottes, cast-iron pans and wooden cutting boards. When I host an everyday dinner party at home, I leave the fancy food presentation to the professional chefs and concentrate my energy on cooking delicious food. Through simple tricks, I add flair to my meal.

    charcuterie tray
    A crowd-pleaser: the charcuterie tray

    Finally, a cute way to serve crudités with their vinaigrette. Even if people don’t eat it, they pleasantly decorate your table.

    veggies in a mason jar

    What is your favorite way to serve food in fall or winter?

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