Soup Swap

Soup Swap :: soupe au pistou

Soup Swap :: soupe au pistou

If you’ve ever participated in a holiday cookie swap, you’ll love this healthier alternative made for chilly winter months. Mark January 22nd on your calendar: that’s the date of the 5th National Soup Swap.

What began in Seattle in 2006, has since spread through the power of the Internet and social media sites. While others host awards show soirées and Superbowl parties during the month of January, you and your friends can top up each other’s freezers by exchanging containers of homemade soup.

Not only is this an economical way to socialize (especially after the costly holiday season) and share your favorite recipe, it’s an awesome way to escape eating the same leftover soup for multiple meals.

Find tips and how-tos for hosting a soup swap at soupswap.com.

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+ Photo: Soupe au pistou from The Galley Gourmet