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    Lemon Sorbet is the 2013 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year

    artisan trend benjamin moore

    artisan trend benjamin moore

    It is the time of the year where we look at color trends. Each paint maker made their own predictions but we can always see some common elements within their color palettes. This year, “greyed down” colours are in vogue. Except for the earth toned Artisan trend, the other palettes proposed by Benjamin Moore bring a subtle punch of colours to the neutral grey interiors.

    The Artisan color palette gives you tips on how to update your grey walls. It is my favorite one!  My main floor is painted in two shades of grey and a rich, muted golden yellow.

    Color of the Year 2013 and The Coastal Trend

    coastal benjamin moore

    At Benjamin Moore, the color of 2013 is Lemon Sorbet (2019-60). I like its softness. They described it as

    the perfect transitional colour between the mid-tones and saturated colours seen in today’s home furnishings and the softer, lighter pastels which are emerging for 2013.

    lemon sorbet wall relaxing home office design
    photo credits: Benjamin Moore
    You can see its soothing effect in this home office designed around a coastal theme. You could use the same palette to design a calm nursery.

    Urbanite Color Trend

    urbanite trend benjamin moore

    Instead of the traditional black-and-white color scheme, mix a rich golden yellow with luscious navy. Marblehead gold is gorgeous. Or for a more subtle decor, update your kitchen white cabinets by pairing them with sophisticated neutral colours.

    2013 urbanite color trend by benjamin moore
    photo credits: Benjamin Moore

    New Traditional Color Trend

    A dark blue wall creates a nice backdrop for a bedroom. The key here is to keep the rest light. You can never go wrong with a chevron motif. The bedding used for this traditional bedroom is from West Elm but I wasn’t able to find it online.

    new traditional color trend by benjamin moore
    photo credits: Benjamin Moore

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