Color Your Touch Bin

Colour your touch bin by brabantia

Colour your touch bin by brabantia

Several years ago, I bought a roll top bread bin by Brabantia. I still use it today. Their housewares are made to last, on top of being pretty.  I am so sorry that I do not live in Europe right now. It’s because I could order a modern Touch Bin in 200 colors. What we can buy in Canada and the United States is the fingerprint proof matt steel version.

Giving access to a wide range of colors or even allowing custom-made color in every day objects started many years ago in Europe. Why does it take so long for North American brands to catch up?

+ Color Your Bin by Brabantia

  • Els Manning
    April 4, 2011 at 17:14

    oh my gosh… have not heard that name in years! I lived in Holland for years. And both my parents and i had Brabantia stuff in the kitchen! Ha ha.. indeed build well… thanks for sending me on that little trip … memory lane… 🙂