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    Cooking School for Kids at Atelier Petit Chef

    atelier petit chef in NDG Montreal

    Right here in Montreal, Atelier Petit Chef offers culinary activities for children as young as 3 years old in a kid-friendly kitchen. Kids not only learn how to cook but most importantly the recipes tickle their taste buds by initiating them to new flavors.

    Cooking classes for kids are an awesome idea. We are never too young to learn how to cook. It may be a way to bring our kids away from junk food. Since the kids bring home the recipes they cooked during the class, redoing the recipes in your own kitchen is an excuse to stimulate the habit of home cooking.

    The workshops currently offered are:

    Atelier Petit Chef is an initiative of Cuisine Gourmet, a shop with several stores in the Montreal area. It is a must see shop for people who are serious about cooking. They also sell online; although I never used their online services. I noticed that they deliver to the United States and that Americans can shop in US dollars.

    Host a Cooking Birthday Party

    Choose between One Million cupcakes, Pizza Pizzaz, Cookie Royalty, Chocoliscious! Or come up with your own party theme. It costs $245 for an all-inclusive party with 10 children, $295 with 12 children. The kids will bring home a goody bag. Since the party is held at Atelier Petit Chef, you will have no mess to clean.

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