Dish cooking classes lead to a romantic Valentine’s Day menu

dish cooking studio : valentine's day menu

Something we need a little help for inspirations to prepare our menu. In February, the team at Dish Cooking Studio can help you solve your Valentine’s Day meal dilemma. These are activities you and your lover can enjoy together.

Get Ready for Valentine’s Day

On February 8, Brooke Neveu and her fiancé Jesse, who is an Executive Sous-Chef of the Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto will prepare a romantic meal that you can replicate at home for the big night. This is your chance to learn new cooking tricks and recipes.

There is a 2 for 1 promotion of Get Ready for Valentine’s Day, call to book your seats. Go with a girlfriend. This way, you can help each other if you encounter a problem duplicating the menu.

Couples in the Kitchen

Instead of going to a crowded restaurant this year, why not do something different? You will still enjoy great food and wine during the evening. It is just that it would be a more intimate atmosphere with no work required. This event will be on February 14, 2008 from 6:30 PM to 9 PM at Dish Cooking Studio. It leaves you plenty of time for romance thereafter.

Valentine’s Day recipes

No time for a class or you still need a little of encouragement, I found on Dish Cooking Studio Web site a Valentine’s Day menu for a previous event. Check out the February 13, 2006 – Valentine’s Experience with Joshna. I suggest you try the Spiced Beef Tenderloin with a Cocoa Crust.

Founded by Trish Magwood, Dish Cooking Studio is located in Toronto. 

Learn more: Get Ready for Valentine’s Day at Dish Cooking Studio – price: $135 CAD
Learn more: Couples in the Kitchen at Dish Cooking Studio – price: $135 CAD