Tableware fitted for Halloween and Thanksgiving

halloween and thanksgiving tableware :: crate & barrel :: dwr

When it comes to tableware, I prefer to get items that I will be able to reuse more than once a year. Halloween and Thanksgiving have a lot in common since they are both in autumn. It is even closer to the truth in Canada since we celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October at the peak of autumn leaves.

Dinnerware for entertaining

The most important element for entertaining is to get a versatile yet elegant dinnerware set. Organic shapes connect us to the traditional meaning of Thanksgiving Day, which was a time to say thanks for the harvest.

I enjoy the warmth of creamy neutral dinnerware. It feels cozier than pure white. The Classic Century Dinnerware collection is a reproduction of an original 1952 design by Eva Zeisel. Everyone who bought the set still love it but beware that it could chip more easily than typical earthenware set. If you live or entertain often with young children, this dinnerware set is not for you.

The Classic Cream Century dinnerware looks stunning against the Black Glass Pitcher at Design Within Reach. The Black Glass Collection also includes a short tumbler, a tall tumbler, and a sake cup .

Serving ware

white pumpkin tureen at crate & barrel

The Pumpkin tureen does not scream Halloween. Being white and its updated treatment means that you can use it anytime during the autumnal season. The wood pumpkin trivet adds a trendy touch to family style food service.

+ Classic Century Tableware Collection $62.95 – $267.95 USD at Crate & Barrel
+ Black Glass Pitcher $85 USD (on sale at $72.25 until Oct.13, 2009) at DWR
+ Acacia Pumpkin Trivet $9.95 USD at Crate & Barrel
+ Pumpkin Tureen $29.95 USD at Crate & Barrel

  • On the Table
    October 6, 2009 at 05:04

    A beautiful set of contemporary tableware that is perfect for Halloween. The pumpkin pie dish is especially nice.