Tabletop ideas for Thanksgiving or an autumnal dinner party

thanksgiving autumnal decor by pottery barn

Oranges and browns are the seasonal tones as you can see from these styled shots by Pottery Barn.

I selected pieces with refined country charms to evoke a comfortable ambiance. After all, Thanksgiving is a celebration amongst your close friends and family.

What about the specific items that I picked?

Wood carvers hollow out a single piece of mango wood to form each organically shaped vessel. So each piece is unique. You can fill them with fruits, vegetables or seasonal nuts.

The Harvest table is another autumnal favorite theme. Imagine a space like a manor in the country. Having one-of-a-kind serving ware and accessories immediately add interests to your party.

The Harvest bowl, platter and salad plates fall into that category. Accessories like a set of 4 gourd candles, the Feather table runner, the Pheasant salad plates mixed with the Studio dinnerware and the Antler chandelier complete the theme.

The Studio Collection was designed by New York ceramist Barbara Eigen. These handmade earthenware pieces create a warm and welcoming table. Perfect for Thanksgiving!

More tabletop ideas from Better Homes and Gardens

simple thanksgiving tabletops by Better Homes and Gardens

Bring grandeur to a simple centerpiece by layering it on a cake stand. To make the asparagus, artichokes and green bean wrapped candles, stretch two sturdy rubber bands around a pillar candle. Then insert vegetable stalks underneath the band. Cover the bands with a circle of satin ribbon or Kraft paper.

Another use of a cake stand for decorative purpose is shown with the decorated white pumpkin. Get a stencil, a black pen or paint and you ready to elevate a simple white pumpkin to be the center of attention.

I also gather for you easy to do place settings and centerpieces. A rustic elegance resulted by laying out a leafed branch on a beautiful textured green plates. The branch doubled as a tied-on place card.

But my favorite has to be the Showcase Memories project. I showed you a modern Mobile Memories last Friday, this one looks rustic. Thanksgiving is a great occasion to review your year in photos. Take pleasures in looking back at the most wonderful things that happened to you in the last year.

I want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians! We celebrate ours the second Monday of October.

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  • Jennifer Mitchell
    October 9, 2007 at 23:45

    I like the mango wood “bowls.” They have, as I say, a thousand and one uses. Plus, they’re beautiful. I’ve been seeing lots of natural wood and faux bois decorative things in the shops lately. It’s a nice trend.

    Good find – and from Pottery Barn! I guess I’d better stop sneering at them.

  • Sabina
    November 20, 2007 at 16:55

    i remembered you had a great post about thanksgiving in oct. which of course for the u.s. in in november – so i’m back to check it out once more.