Simple Thanksgiving Food and Wine Menu

My daily quick links have everything you need to plan your Thanksgiving dinner party.

Thanksgiving appetizers :: cranberry sauce with turkey :: pie dessert

+ For appetizers, serve with light goat cheese on pepper wafers this tasty Sweet Butternut Squash and Coconut Jam. The Kitchn lists more appetizer recipes.

+ Real Simple suggests 13 recipes if you wish to host a potluck Thanksgiving. Check out Center’d on Thanksgiving featuring Real Simple.

+ Center’d is a planning and organizing tools. From basic activities like figuring out what to do this weekend to more complex plans like organizing a school event that requires volunteers. So it would be perfect for managing a potluck event.

+ Do not waste time and opt for proven recipes. These two were rated 5 stars: the Cranberry and Orange Relish and the Gingersnap-Pear Cheesecake

+ Sabina demystifies the turkey label. She prepared a glossary of the most common classifications. Via Barefoot in the Orchard

+ Check out the New Times All-American wine selections for your Thanksgiving dinner