Ready to Print Kids Birthday Party Set by Happy Papers

You do not have to be a good graphic designer to get a custom look at your kids party. More and more designers are selling pdf templates that you can print at home or at local printer shop.

Printable party themes range from invitations, labels, stickers, coasters, placemats up to even party hats and favor packaging. The fact that you print it yourself means that you do not have to worry if you have guests confirming their presence at the last minute.

To get a professional look, it is worth getting a circle cutter. Several models are sold at Arts and Crafts store.

custom birthday set with tag favors

An Etsy seller to watch is Happy Papers. It is run by two Argentinean mothers. I enjoy their creative patterns. Happy Papers also sells their birthday kits in two pack: the birthday set and the party decorations set. Check the content before ordering.

birthday sets by happypapers on etsy

For $5, a typical birthday set provides a ready-to-print template for Birthday Invitations, Party Hats, Goodie Cones, Gift Bag tags, Flat notecards, Gift tags and a Center Box. It is hard to beat. Make a few red and turquoise pom-poms to complement the look of the elephant with the red balloon.

These kits would also make adorable baby shower themes.

Glassine Bags

I found a few affordable sources for glassine bakery bags to make your party favors (see at the bottom of sourcing). Take clues on how charming Happy papers decorated her party favor bags.

+ Birthday Sets at Happy Papers $ 5 to $7 per set
+ Glassine bags, pack of 25 bags – small $2, medium $3, large $4
+ Glassine Lined Paper bags, pack of 100 bags – small $7.49, medium $10.49, large $13.98
+ Via The Little Things

  • Bernadette
    March 20, 2009 at 16:32

    I love the Happy Papers birthday set! Especially the giftbags and googie cones. Too bad my sons are grown!

  • Eunice
    November 9, 2011 at 17:57

    wowww love this craft stuff….. i cant waittt!!!!